Proposition 37: We Can’t Vote On It, But It’s Still Our Business

As the election approaches a lot more than just the presidential race is on the line. While we don’t live or vote in California, one of the ballot issues we’ve

Guiding Lights – Defining Sustainable Food

Here at Kate’s we see ourselves as a small but integral part of the evolving “sustainable” food industry committed to improving the global food system that we depend on to

Food For Thought

“Every time we shop, every time we eat, we can either build or destroy our communities.” – Sam Mogannam, owner of Bi-Rite Market I recently watched Sam Mogannam’s TEDx talk

Small Business, No Problem.

On the road and in the office, we get a ton of questions about the origins of our growing company.  Running a small business can be challenging but also fun

Introducing the Tiki Bar

Hey Friends and Fans! We are really excited to officially announce the newest member of our bar family, the Tiki Bar. Featuring a delectable mix of mango, cashew, coconut, almond

Making Life a Little Tasty-er

  Get your t-shirts while they’re hot! We’ve whipped up a batch of limited edition Tasty t-shirts just for you. Support Kate’s, get a new t-shirt and increase your level

Kate Schade. Real Life.

Foodspring sat down with our own Kate Schade recently to gain a little insight on Kate’s Real Food. Skiing and outdoor play inspired, Kate’s original Tram bar gave her the


Imagine the journey of a lifetime through a country you’ve never explored. Or one that supports a growing and global community of people giving their personal time and donations to

Guest Spot:  Zahan Billimoria Committing to a Dream

Four years ago I got a letter that I always hoped for – an invitation to work for Exum Mountain Guides. Ever since I was a youngster I always dreamed

Ambassador Spotlight:  Tammy Donahugh

We have so many people who love our bars, and more are discovering them all the time. Our athlete ambassadors and teams are instrumental in making this happen, as they