Who Is Kate?

One day, on our Facebook page, we posted a humble status update asking our community exactly “Who IS Kate?” Throughout the years, you’ve heard us talk about our fearless leader,

Welcome to the Posse!

Kate’s Real Food, maker of the tastiest bars on the planet, announces its partnership with SoulPoles and San Juan Untracked for 2014. This stellar snowsports alliance puts Kate’s bars into

Merry, merry…

Every year, Christmas time amazes. It’s just—well—fun. I feel joyful, reflective, more cognizant of the value and significance of my loved ones, and excited for the beginning of a New

Kate’s Way

  Owning Kate’s Here I am. It’s Kate. Yes, The Kate, as a lot of you ask. I rarely blog, but know I should make more time to recount the

From the Desk Of Dirt Hound…

From the Desk of Dirt Hound (production honcho for Kate’s Real Food) As fall drifts into winter, I would like to give a big thanks to those who made this

Stoking Kate’s Fire

You may wonder how we keep our stoke up at Kate’s? Sure, it looks pretty from the surface—we’re out and about on our Facebook page enjoying the mountains. But the

Onward We Struggled…long after the kale had run out

As a climber, I face a lot of challenges: route finding, dealing with fear and pushing past it, managing risk and judging objective dangers like rockfall and lightning, and finding

10 Signs You’re a Mountain Hipster

  Living up high kinda puts you in a time warp. Mainstream trends and fads take awhile to get here, but when and if they hit, they hit hard. You

Mud Season Manifesto Contest

      Well, okay — we a little bored up here in the mountains. The ski resort is shut, the trails are still snowy and the roads are rutted

Lighten Up : Abolish the Springtime Funk

  Springtime can wreak havoc on your inner being. Grey days and rainy weather aggravate cabin fever as you find yourself confined—without logical explanation—to the couch. You swear you’re not