We love to ski

and eat Kate’s Tram Bars in the Tram line.

The Triple Crown Mission

Check out this inspiring story from Kate’s Athlete, Zahan Billimoria, about completing the Triple Crown: a ski link up of the Grand, Middle and South Teton, in one push, car to

Beating “Hangry”

Even if you’re not familiar with the term “hangry”, I guarantee you’ve experienced it at some point in your life. In simplest terms, being hangry is when your hunger takes

Motorsports, Sponsorship, and Quality Folk

Three years ago, I began riding a dirt bike. Yep, the motorized kind. It performs just like a big mountain bike, but now the uphill is just as fun as

Mid-day sweat

Often as I’m headed to bed, I have the best of intentions to set my alarm for 5AM, get out of bed, check the avalanche advisory and, if it looks

Skis waxed yet?

It’s winter in the Tetons!

Why Kate’s?

With 360 calories of organic goodness, why not?!