Growing any company means constant change, and for Kate’s this has been especially evident in the progression of our packaging. What follows is a little photo journey demonstrating this development

At Kate’s we love folks out there who share our multiple passions. Fitzgerald’s Bicycles, local to our neighborhood in Victor, Idaho, exemplifies our passion for real play.  Real play is a critical component to

When you think of Halloween, what comes to mind? Are you thinking of a favorite costume that triggers some nostalgia? Perhaps you envision pumpkin carving and black cats, autumn leaves and

We’re only human here at Kate’s. Monday morning comes around after a weekend of fresh mountain air, and it can be a challenge to crawl out of bed and put on our work shoes. This

Organic Fuel for Back to School

Back to school is sometimes more difficult for moms then it is for kids. The preparation. The schedule. The waking up and shoving off every morning. And the hours spent

10 Signs You’re a Mountain Hipster

  Living up high kinda puts you in a time warp. Mainstream trends and fads take awhile to get here, but when and if they hit, they hit hard. You

Guiding Lights – Defining Sustainable Food

Here at Kate’s we see ourselves as a small but integral part of the evolving “sustainable” food industry committed to improving the global food system that we depend on to

Food For Thought

“Every time we shop, every time we eat, we can either build or destroy our communities.” – Sam Mogannam, owner of Bi-Rite Market I recently watched Sam Mogannam’s TEDx talk

Kate Schade. Real Life.

Foodspring sat down with our own Kate Schade recently to gain a little insight on Kate’s Real Food. Skiing and outdoor play inspired, Kate’s original Tram bar gave her the

American Package Design Award!

  The new packaging at Kate’s Real Food has been really popular since it debuted in late September, 2011, but it’s attracting more than just new customers. The new packaging