Dylan Renn


A beloved coach who catches all the details, Dylan hasn’t just honed in on his flow, he’s found it for others. He’s the head coach and founder of A SINGLETRACK MIND, a certified and insured mountain bike skills coaching company with over 3,000 hours of professional coaching experience. Dylan has extensive experience both as a professional athlete as well as a professional mountain bikes skills coach. He’s been free riding for over 30 years, professionally racing for 15 plus and professionally coaching since 2009. Certified by IMBA for level 1,2 and 3, and also a certified Betterride coach, former head coach for Marin Catholic High School for two successful consecutive years (placing 3rd overall in the NICA Cal League)—Dylan still takes in the big picture outside of coaching. “I live in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and live an active down to earth lifestyle with two daughters and a supportive wife. We eat healthy and encourage our girls to eat healthy. Kate’s bars fit into our authentic adventurous lifestyle.I haven’t found a bar better suited for riding nourishment and a solid meal on the go.”

Favorite Kates Bar: Grizzly & Tram

Plan B: his nickname is “Singletrackmind”

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