Jesse Zeigler


The motorcycle synapses of Jesse Ziegler’s brain really started firing in high school after his first motocross race. Sure, he’d ridden motorcycles since he was five, but this Helena, MT native dreamt of becoming a pro fly fisherman or duck hunter instead. After receiving his degree in print journalism from the University of Montana (where else!?), Ziegler set off on a journey to tell stories about dirt bikes. Since 2005 Ziegler has held positions with fancy names like Executive Editor of Dirt Rider Magazine, Communication Coordinator at KLIM Technical Riding Gear and Brand Manager at KTM North America. In his current position as Sales Director for Digital Throttle, he manages marketing campaigns and digital advertising for a list of motorcycle industry brands and helps publish the iconic Cycle News Magazine every week. Whether it’s work or fun, Jesse’s always one step away from gearing up for a bicycle (spandex or dirty), paddle board or, of course, motorcycle ride.

Favorite Kate’s Bar: Tram Bar

Plan B: family time, beer drinking and watching baseball

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