The Plan:  Catch a post-work evening dirt bike ride with 6 buddies. Meeting Time: 5:30 pm on Wednesday. The Execution: Stragglers!  With late arrivals we didn’t get going until 6:30

“So what does it mean to be Organic?”  Somebody asked this very question of Kate this week and that question got me thinking about what a good question that is.

Jackson Hole Trails Consortium

  Did you know that the Jackson Hole Trail Network generates over $18,000,000 in commerce and $3,200,000 in salaries for Teton County businesses and residents?  It takes just $150,000 to

American Package Design Award!

  The new packaging at Kate’s Real Food has been really popular since it debuted in late September, 2011, but it’s attracting more than just new customers. The new packaging

Ambassador Spotlight

We have so many people who love our bars, and more are discovering the all the time. Our great athlete ambassadors are instrumental in making this happen, as they pass

Climbing in Ski Boots

Click for video:  Grand Teton, Winter 2012 A few weeks ago, before the brunt of winter snow arrived Nate Brown, Melanie Garner and Andrew McNab and I headed up to

The East Ridge of the South

Inversions are always tough because the weather is the harshest when you feel the roughest: at the start of the day. And that is how it was when AJ and