Fuel for Heroes: Our Wildland Firefighters

Fuel for Heroes: Our Wildland Firefighters

Posted by Kate's Real Food on 21st May 2015

It is overwhelming to ponder the global crises that define our struggling planet. Whether it is hunger, poverty, war, disease, natural disaster, or the earth’s changing climate, many issues have the potential to burden one’s soul. While certainly there is help to be had out there, is it ever enough? It is hard to wrap the mind around all of it.

If you want to give back, but are overwhelmed with the gravity of it all, start simple. Instead of thinking globally, look to your own neighborhood. Here at Kate’s, it’s the people saving our communities and our lands that we are moved to give back to this season – our Wildland firefighters.

In the West, forest fires are a matter of course. From April to October, the risks that are taken to prevent public harm are innumerable. Faces are not always attributed to these acts of bravery, but if you could picture one of those faces, surely it would be covered in the soot of incinerated trees.

The Wildland firefighters of this greater region (from the Northwest to our own Rockies, the Great Basin to the Southwest, and into the vastness of California) fight to manage and quell a force of blazing destruction that will consume all life that gets in its way. The risks these men and women take may not ever be fully understood by us, the protected public.

Please, join us in giving back. Our campaign, Fuel for Heroes, is officially underway to fuel firefighters with Kate’s bars. We are giving fans of these brave souls a chance to say “thank you” in a delicious way. It’s so easy, we can’t even stand it! Visit our web store, choose the amount of reduced price Kate’s bars you wish to donate, make your purchase, and we take care of the rest. The bars that you donate will be sent to a fire district in our region.

We’re not finished. That’s just one way to participate . . .

Here in the Tetons, we have recruited ten retailers to help us give back. These locations have bar donation boxes that allow customers to buy a bar, write a thank you note on a label, and drop it into the Fuel for Heroes donation box. We are in the midst of expanding by reaching out to other fire districts in the West that need help keeping their heroes fed, so keep an eye out for a donation box near you.

Keep up with our campaign on Facebook, and by all means, give back to the heroes that keep us safe in our own backyard.

If you feel you can connect us with any influential groups or individuals to help expand our campaign, please contact Jenn Rein: Jenn@katesrealfood.com