Grassman Report from the Road with Nick Fahringer

Grassman Report from the Road with Nick Fahringer

Posted by Nick Fahringer on 14th Sep 2016

2016 Nick Fahringer Race Report

Series: National Enduro Series

Event/Loc/Date:Grassman National Enduro/ Zanesville OH / 8-28-16

Bike: 2016 Husqvarna TE 300

Outcome: 7thPro

"Yet another hot and dusty weekend of enduro racing.

I was determined to improve on my so-close result at the previous national in Pennsylvania and get redemption after the last weeks TKO extreme race, where I retired early due to a broken bike and physical exhaustion. I started the day with a fair opening test time, but I knew right away I was not comfortable in the conditions. The severe dry soil had rutted with powder berms along amongst rugged terrain unlike the last round in PA, where the rocky soil held up better to the dryness.

I tried to keep the bike pointed down trail and stay smooth, and I had a good showing in the second test with a 4th place score, 9 seconds off the leader. Test 3 was the beginning of a string of 10+ mile tests. I focused on consistency and pacing myself due to the test lengths, heat and trail conditions. A few mistakes slowed me down, like a ‘pro hill’ that I inadvertently avoided and took the long way around.

Note to enduro clubs, we are racing to the hundredth of a second. Don’t split the track. Mistakes of my own were also to blame like a slide out and a tip over. Slower riders stopping in single lined hill climbs also hurt my progress. As I wrapped up test 5 and saw my times hanging a few spots out of the top 5, I set out to kill in test 6, a six mile ‘A’ only section. I rolled in and felt the heat weighing on me. I had talked myself out of the heat and pushed. All was well until I rounded a flat mossy rock slab and spun around out of control going down and soaking everything. I jumped up and placed 4th in the test.

Mistakes and a little burnout syndrome cost me the momentum and drive I needed to put it on the box today. I ended the day in 7th. Thad Duval took a strong win after finishing 2nd to me at this same race 5 years ago by only 1 second."

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