Hemp - What's the Hype?

Hemp - What's the Hype?

Posted by Kate's Real Food on 11th Nov 2015

“A hemp seed bar? Seriously? Is this the parking lot at a Grateful Dead show in 1995?”

We have been very entertained here at Kate’s by the occasional message sent to us in reaction to our use of hemp seeds. The quote listed above just happens to be our favorite. There is always room to laugh over these things – we understand the misconception.

In the name of keeping our fans informed, we are here to report that there is a difference between hemp and marijuana. Both are cannabis plants, but are grown for different reasons. The THC content in marijuana produces a psychoactive effect, while industrial hemp crops are used for broader and more diverse purposes – which do not include getting high.

Our Stash bar boasts hemp seed as one of its ingredients, but it that has nothing to do with “edibles”. I hope you’re not too disappointed. Although it would be fun to claim that we are somehow “edgy” for including hemp in our product – any nutritionist out there can tell you that we are just being smart. These little seeds are highly beneficial to your health.

Hemp seeds contain seventeen amino acids – eight of which are essential in maintaining human life. You will find both Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids as well which makes the hemp seed a perfect vegetable protein. No other single plant source has the essential amino acids in such an easily digestible form, nor has the essential fatty acids in perfect ratio to meet the nutritional needs of us humans.

Although it is illegal to grow industrial hemp as a crop in the U.S., it is ironically and completely legal to import it from other locations. According to the Hemp Industries Association, about $500 million in hemp product is imported to the U.S. every year. Outside the U.S., hemp is grown in more than thirty countries. The top hemp producing country is currently China, followed by Chile and the European Union.

Industrial hemp has many applications – and they are growing. Using hemp to create paper and fiber has been in practice for countless years. But now, hemp is being used to create building material – and in Europe, to make auto chassis parts! Each of the countries that grow industrial hemp has adopted regulatory models that allow for safe human consumption of hemp products.

Will eating a Stash bar cause positive THC results in a drug test? No. We are supplied only with de-natured, certified THC-free seeds. We strive to provide tasty fuel that is packed with nutrition. Our use of the all-powerful hemp seed is done with the health of our fans in mind.