Jay P Update: Iditarod Trail Invitational and Land Run 100

Jay P Update: Iditarod Trail Invitational and Land Run 100

Posted by Kate's Real Food on 31st Mar 2017

Kate's Real Food sponsored athlete Jay Petervary who just crushed it at two very different and challenging races in short order. Jay won the Iditarod Trail Invitational 350 Miler in Alaska with a time of 3 days, 3 hours and 29 minutes. It was his third time winning the event. The race played out like a chess match. Jay conserved energy at the beginning as conditions deteriorated until everyone was trudging and pushing their bikes through deep snow.

“Racing the ITI is not just about physical conditioning,” said Jay. “Everybody is strong. It’s also not about just gritting through the tough sections or weather. One must embrace those challenging times and get through them safely without getting too beat up along the way so you can keep on going.”

“If you want to compete at the pointy end with hopes to win you will also need to make good decisions that reflect a strategy along the way.”

He didn’t start the race in the lead, but caught the two racers in front of him within a few hours of leaving the 200 mile checkpoint. “It was obvious I was moving faster at that time,” said Jay. “With wanting to create a gap I knew it was a now or never situation. Catching them gave me the confidence and motivation to ‘attack’. This attack was not a ten minute or even an hour effort; I stood on the pedals for like eight hours. It was -20+ and all my layers were soaked from sweat.”

Jay spent less than a week back in Teton Valley before building up his new Salsa Warbird and taking off again for a very different sort of race. The Land Run 100 in Oklahoma is a young but well-attended gravel race. Last year Jay also raced the ITI and the Land Run back-to-back, but hadn’t dug as deep at the ITI as he did this year. It was his first time on skinny tires since November.“That was a tough day,” he said. “Lots of consistent mud. Sub 40 degrees. Steady light rain for most of the day.”

All the finishers crossed the line at the Land Run cold and coated in red clay. “I was colder than at any one point of Iditarod last week. I felt decent, rode strong. Was holding fifth for most of the day...burped my front wheel twice. Couldn't use my hands because they were frozen and not functioning. So, airing up took a lot of time.”

Despite losing air from his tire, Jay ended up placing an impressive third in his age group and tenth overall. Only 165 racers from the 1300 who registered finished the 100 miler.

“I test/ask myself of so much in back to back to back events, physically and mentally, and it seemingly delivers. One day I may regret all this but for now I will continue to do what I love.”


- JayP