Ambassador Spotlight

Posted by Kate's Real Food on 15th Apr 2012

We have so many people who love our bars, and more are discovering the all the time. Our great athlete ambassadors are instrumental in making this happen, as they pass out bars to folks the meet on the trail, at races or while coaching camps and clinics. Just so you can get to know some of the folks who help spread the word about Kate's, we've picked their brain a bit more about who they are and why they do what they do!

Name (and/or embarrassing nicknames):
Jim Lampman (“Lampy” or "Jimness")

1. How did you get started in your sport?
I started running at a very young age and was one of those kids that did not
like to sit still, actually I still don’t like sitting. When I was in second grade I got
the “Fastest Runner” award in gym class and it was all downhill from there,
about 15 years later and I was running 100-mile races. Also, my sister (old) still
maintains that I was left on our doorstep by a band of gypsy clan of runners and
my mother was nice enough to take me in.

2. What are your other passions?
Reading, going to school, watching movies and being with family and friends.

3. Favorite ways to cross-train?
I currently work about 40-45 hours a four day week at a Physical Therapy center
as a technician/gofer/intern for 10-12 hours a day, my coworkers think I am
strange that I get out of my car in the morning and don’t sit back down until I
am in the car again at night. I work at a bike shop the other three days of the
week for 20-25 hours and don’t sit down while there either, it’s a thing, I don’t
like sitting, but hey, it’s like 60-70 hours of “cross-country” on my feet for races,
besides actual training. So, I get out my car when I arrive at work and do not sit
down again until I get in the car to get home, so I spend like 3 days worth of time
on my feet at work each week currently.

4. Any superstitions? Magic socks, favorite underwear, pre-event rituals, etc?

5. What essential items are always in your pack for a long ride/climb?
The pack is usually the Nathan Sports #28 Vest packed with a couple of gels just in case, headlamp, two handheld bottles, a couple of Kate's bars
and baby wipes, trust me they save races.

6. Favorite post-training/race activity?
Favorite post-training/race activity? Museum/zoo/park/city walking,
buffet eating and ending with some down time with company and a movie.

7. What is your typical day/ week schedule?
See above, but more specifically: I am up around 4:30/5:00am Mon-Thurs.
for workout before work at 7/8:00am at PT, on feet for 10-12 hours until the
evening/night, then maybe a workout in the evening before quickly to bed. Fri-Sat at the bike shop, Syracuse Bicycle,
Syracuse, NY and my hours at the shop help
me get more done training wise on the end of the week.

8. Where do you head for the off-season?
No off season, I have the two month of November and December that I can’t race,
but if I had the funding to travel more I would just race every month of the year.

9. Any advice to young people getting started in your sport?
Advice for Ultrarunner…Go out slow, if you think are going too fast, you are, if
you think you are going too slow, you aren’t; go steady; eat and hydrate early
and often; smile, talk people and be merry – you’ll get there, just keep moving –
if you are moving you are banking time, no matter how slow, if you are stopped
you are losing time; and be kind to your crew and volunteers – they are there
just for you, but do not take them for granted. Oh, and this might be too much
information, but proper wiping, it saves races – myself, I like to pamper myself
with baby wipes. Finally, be happy, you get to go running!

10. Most embarrassing/memorable/scary/wild moment in your career thus far?
Saying this joke, and having people actually laugh at it at an aid station. “So, this runner runs into a aid station and saying Ouch!” Terrible…

11. Favorite place on the planet?
On the back roads of the surrounding area I grew up in, Cato, NY.

12. If you couldn’t do what you’re doing now, what would be your dream job?
I could honestly be happy doing most things, but it would be cool to be a voice for cartoons and have that actually be your job.

13. Play-list essentials or recommendations?
Cindy Lauper – Girls Just Want To Have Fun, House of Pain – Jump Around, Elvis Presley – Devil In Disguise, Hanson - Mmmbop, Rancid – That’s Just The Way It Is Now, Sponge – Go, Speed Racer, Go! (Speed Racer theme), Hank Williams – I Saw The Light, Jay-Z - Reminder

14. Favorite Kate’s flavor? Favorite accompanying beverage?
Grizzly Bar, definitely and I prefer it with water neat.

15. Any pet-peeves?
I am pretty easygoing, so not really.

16. What’s the best prize you can imagine finding in your cereal box?
A never-ending box of cereal.

17. On a scale of 1-10 (1 being the guy from Napoleon Dynamite, 10 being James
Bond?), how awkward were you in junior high?

Let’s be optimistic, 6, I mean let’s be honest, I was 6’2” and 125lbs, but I think I make lankiness work.

18. If you could leave aspiring athletes with one important piece of life advice or
words of wisdom, what would it be?

Run happy. If you aren’t happy while you are doing it find a new activity.

19. Anything else we should know? (Upcoming events, funny jokes, shout outs,

NJ Ultra Festival 100-Mile, Augusta, NJ this weekend…then Peaks 200-Mile Run, Pittsfield, VT in May and maybe one other
race in between.

Jim Lampman inspires us with his quest to start the "100 100-milers" club, for the hardy (crazy?) folks who just can't get enough of ultra-running. He aims to increase the number of 100 mile races every year until he completes his goal, which he estimates will be his early 40's. There must be something to running ridiculously long distances, because Jim is probably one of the happiest guys we know.

Check him out on his blog or on facebook: