Kate's Bars P90X-Style ...

Kate's Bars P90X-Style ...

Posted by Kate Schade on 24th Feb 2015

“I have a basket of your bars at my house,” says Tony Horton.

It’s always flattering when I meet someone who tells me they eat my bars, and in Jackson Hole it’s not an uncommon phenomenon.

I’ve never seen this guy before, but he’s the guy who started P90X I am told. I don’t have t.v., so what do I know ...? But at least I've heard of P90X so I’m not completely in the dark.

Tony then breaks into yoga poses and instruction, making fun of himself and others in the group. You can’t help but laugh at his witty, dorky “adult” comments. And by the end of the class, you feel like you are buds even though you have hardly spoken to him.

Step back in time ...

I met Lauren Lobley and Ted McDonald at the Leadville 100 mountain bike race last summer. I was passing out my bars to exhausted, sometimes delirious, and emotionally charged riders at the finish line. Later, Lauren contacted me wanting bars for Ted’s yoga studio in Malibu, CA, 5 Point Yoga. It’s soul-satisfying to get accounts like these through personal connections. It fuels my stoke for my company even more so. Fans like these keep me buzzed - it's a bit intoxicating!

“We’re coming to Jackson Hole for a yoga retreat in early February,” Lauren said. “You should join us for a day.”

Ted plans adventure yoga retreats in exotic places, coupled with invigorating outdoor activities . . . and Tony Horton.

A yoga and skiing retreat in Jackson Hole is a dream come true for most people, right? But it's a normal routine for a lot of mountain folk! Between forty and fifty nationwide participants attend this retreat in Jackson. They engage in yoga classes every morning, ski all day, then practice yoga again in the early evening, followed by dinner at one of the many of the amazing local restaurants.

This was a great opportunity for me to personally hand out bars, promote Kate’s, and get some skiing in too - a perfect workday!

Ted and Tony both teach the yoga classes and they work off each others jib-jabs, creating the Ted and Tony show. All the while, you receive great instruction, juicier joints, and feel all-around gooooooooood and blissful in the moment. It was an amazing day skiing with so many interesting people from around the U.S. and even Canada. Thank you Lauren, Ted, and Tony for the priceless experience. We will see you soon!

Fast forward to a week ago ...

I’m in a motel room and, low and behold, there’s Tony Horton promoting P90X3 on the tube. Wow! It truly does look like an amazing home workout. His ad is so inspirational. I might actually get P90X myself. Who thought I’d ever say that? But, you know, getting stronger inside your home gym only helps for longer play outside.

Isn’t that what we mountain folk want?