Let's Talk : Virginia to California

Let's Talk : Virginia to California

Posted by Chris Andrews via Kate's Real Food on 18th Apr 2017

Remember Chris Andrews? That kid who said he was walking across the country with Kate's Real Food in his back pocket. Well he made it. He went from Virginia to California with a cart and sneakers, and an amazing list of experiences. Check out his last blog post on arriving at the Pacific!

Mile 3,000!! I looked out into the Pacific Ocean and watched the sun sink into the vast waters I had dreamed about for eight months.

Hello From the Road!

Week 30 - Mile 3,000

I looked out into the Pacific Ocean and watched the sun sink into the vast waters I had dreamed about for eight months.

Had I really done it? Was it truly over? I couldn’t seem to grasp it. I tried to process the finality of the moment.

I closed my eyes and saw a map of the world. There I was standing on the shores of the United States. At three miles an hour I crossed a country 52,000 football fields long.

Growing up I had called this place home, but I never really understood how vast it was. How everything changes one mile at a time. The language, the land, the climate, the food and the beliefs all shift under your feet. Even at three miles an hour you can feel it.

As I stood on the shore, I seemed to feel it all at once. For a moment I saw myself from above. One human being standing on the shores of a piece of land. I had survived one conversation at a time. I had witnessed how things change over time and most importantly, I had discovered how some things stay the same.

In a world where our phones keep us comfortable and entertained, we must ask ourselves if we are taking time to understand those around us.

As cultures changed in front of my eyes, I realized that some things were constant. It didn’t matter where I was. If I knocked on 10 doors in Virginia and 10 doors in Arizona I would be welcomed into someones home in both states.

I learned that through honest conversation and vulnerability I could connect with people on a level that danced above politics, religion and culture. I didn’t speak like them. I didn’t look like them. But I learned to be honest with them. I learned to lean into the vulnerability of being myself.

"Again and again I was welcomed in and I slowly realized how authenticity shines in this world. I realized that life is more simple than we think. We must remember what matters. We must allow ourselves to be vulnerable. But most importantly, we must listen. Not only to others, but to ourselves. Only then are we truly alive."

When I started this trip I knew that putting our phones down and having a face to face conversations had the power to bring us together as a community, but I had no idea about how it can help you understand yourself.

So what’s next for the Let’s Talk project? 3000 miles is just the beginning. In the coming months I will be working on a book, a short documentary and will be speaking around the world. Stay tuned friends, act with intention and thanks to all for your continued support.