Mindfulness in the Most Mundane Situations

Mindfulness in the Most Mundane Situations

Posted by Kate's Real Food on 29th Mar 2016

The long haul. The all night ride. The commute. The traffic jam. The Chariot. The trash can. Yes, the car.

Once the first day of spring hits, the need to move is innate. The plants are waking up and so are we…except often where we are, is not where we want to be, so we pack our bags and hit the road. It’s the uniquely American sensibility to hit the road, aim for manifest destiny and find the iconic road trip to manifest memories, beliefs and best of all, new experiences. Jack Kerouac and Hunter S. Thompson loved the road. The concept of chance and randomness overflows in their words, all of are lured by the chance of something that can happen. Unexpected, broadening and renewing all at the same time, according to Kerouac, is the power of travel. We grow every time we experience something new. Road trips offer promise. Travel is good medicine. It challenges the brain with new and different experiences and environments, building brain health and resilience overall.

But let’s be honest. The idea of promise and the beatnik regimes were nothing less than fear and loathing stomach filler when it came to meal time. Why do we disconnect promise from the food that’s on the same adventure? We plan our trips out, make reservations and choose routes but we overlook the need to make our food part of the itinerary. Unfortunately, it’s pretty American to pick up your fuel and food in the same spot. Don’t fall for it. Don’t treat your food like fuel and your body like an engine. Nutrition, even when you’re on your butt for hours at a time is still critical care time.

Sodium, added sugars, hydrogenated fats, and chemicals with too many syllables to count litter the labels of common selections. And just like any activity, our performance dwindles with the wrong road snacks. Candy bars and potato chips will only increase snack attacks and encourage the road rage symptoms. And sometimes the snack crash is worse than bathroom breaks and driver fatigue. They hit, and immediately you’re craving sugar, which will only leave you hungrier. You have to plan ahead to avoid simple sugars, sodium and empty carbs. In order to stay alert and safe on the road, keep foods with protein, fiber and good-for-you fats nearby. Nuts are a great solution for the salt fix of potato chips—we know there’s a few tastes on the palate spectrum that need to be satisfied to keep you trucking here at Kate’s Real Food.

We allow you do go double-duty with your food choices with our bars, a snack to conquer every craving—from salty and sweet to chewy and crunchy—we satisfy real cravings because you never know what the road may bring, or an airplane, or a train, or a ferry. The bars do great in crammed spaces.