Mountain Run Off

Mountain Run Off

Posted by Kate's Real Food on 6th Jun 2016

With two national parks and thousands of square miles of red rock landscape, Moab is the best of Utah, and one of the best destinations for anyone with wheel problem. Many claim it’s the best mountain bike riding on the planet. This spring time and fall mecca has us all flooding the red painted shadows of trail just like the mountain run off headed for the rivers.

Nature’s overwhelming architecture in this corner of the US is a sure remedy for ego. Vast skylines and a thousand shades of red saturate the trails, cliffs and plateaus. History is alive and well in the curves of the rock. Is it any wonder why so many flock to such a spiritual setting to reach new heights in mind and practice? Not really, hence why so many of our ambassadors send in shots from this mystic playground. Take a gander and get envious of real energy at real play.

If you make it to this place of wonder. Don't fear, KRF is there in town and can keep you on track while you find yourself in the desert. Find the bars at Moab Coffee Roasters, Village Market, Moab Adventure Center, Moab Cyclery and Chile Pepper Bikes.

Photos from Don Watkins (above & below)

And of course there's always Kate--crushing it on an arch near Fruita, not quite UT but's it on the way.

Nikki La Rochelle goes even further into the painted desert in a remote area of the Canyonlands for her trail run in the Needles District.

Clearly this terrain doesn't suck one bit.