Peanut Butter Spreads the Love

Peanut Butter Spreads the Love

Posted by Kate's Real Food on 18th Jan 2016

Three pounds of peanut butter per person, per year is consumed in America. If we did a little free association, what would come to mind? Lunchbox treat? Toast topper? How about on-the-go snack or chocolate’s delightful partner in crime?

All of these descriptions ring true of this rich paste, developed in 1890 by a St. Louis physician who was seeking to aid toothless patients with their dietary needs. By 1895, those crafty Kellogg brothers had patented the process of developing peanut butter with steamed nuts.

Ingrained deep within this country’s palate, peanut butter has come a long way. But its original purpose – to provide dense nutrients and satiation – is alive and well at Kate’s. In the Tram, Grizzly and Stash bars, peanut butter boosts the nutritional value. Consuming two tablespoons (one serving) of peanut butter elevates your vitamin E intake by two milligrams, or thirteen percent of the recommended daily consumption. Vitamin E controls inflammation in your body, aids in healthy cell-to-cell communication and helps prevent tissue damage through its role as an antioxidant.

Unsaturated fats, which make up the majority of the fat content in peanut butter, help reduce LDL cholesterol and lower the risk of heart disease. The niacin in peanut butter helps your cells perform chemical reactions, including those needed for energy production, and plays a role in cell development. Its natural combination of fiber and protein keeps you feeling full longer.

Kate’s bars energize an active lifestyle with wholesome ingredients. But it goes deeper than that. It’s about flavor and palatability. Our fans don’t open a Kate’s bar and think, “Ugh, this was the only thing left in my pack and I have to eat it.” They panic, “Oh NO! This is the last Kate’s bar in my pack! I need more!” The reason for this lies in taste and texture of the bars. Nut butters are a major contributor.

Kate admittedly loves peanut butter and her use of a simple organic nut butter coupled with the sublime, natural confection of honey will hook you on her wares. When chocolate is thrown into the mix with brown rice crisps, oats, and trail mix staples like dried fruit and sunflowers seeds, you can imagine the tasty the direction this is headed. We like to joke at KRF World Headquarters that there is no such thing as eating half of a Kate’s bar!

The 24th of this month marks National Peanut Butter Day. You probably don’t have to plan ahead. It is easy to celebrate this American staple, so available to us all. Will you simply dip your spoon into the cupboard jar? Will you buy a squeeze pack and ingest the contents while on-the-go? You could indulge in PB&J, pair the peanut paste with bacon (this is an amazing duo, trust us), or spoon it over a piece of your favorite chocolate.

Kate always has a peanut butter plan, “Every day is National Peanut Butter Day. I would personally dip a Stash bar in a peanut butter jar and call it good … on second hand, I’m sure I’d double or triple dip!” If you celebrate with a Kate’s bar, you will find that nutrition can be a flavorful balance that may just lead to a real food addiction.