A Personal Memorial Day Message From Kate’s Real Food CEO & Veteran, Todd Hanna

A Personal Memorial Day Message From Kate’s Real Food CEO & Veteran, Todd Hanna

Posted by Todd P. Hanna on 25th May 2018

Dear Kate’s Real Food Fans,

As you know, our company is about adventure. We take pride in saying that we serve people pursuing adventure, and an equal amount of pride in ensuring that our products fuel adventures. On this holiday weekend, I anticipate that thousands of people just like you will be enjoying a Kate’s bar (or bite) while on adventures in the mountains, on the trail, on the river, and everywhere else that adventure resides. And, on behalf of everyone here at Kate’s Real Food, I wish you happy, safe adventuring this weekend! But, along with that wish I also have a challenge for you.

This Monday is Memorial Day. And, like thousands of other companies, here at Kate’s Real Food we are acknowledging the Memorial Day holiday with a sale. In our case, free shipping. But, let’s be honest. A small sacrifice in revenue pales in comparison to the sacrifice of those that Memorial Day is all about; those who gave their life in the military service of our country.

As a veteran, Memorial Day matters to me. It matters because, like almost all veterans, I’ve lost friends in combat. For me, Memorial Day is about remembering those friends…the ones who didn’t get to be veterans. It’s a day of remembrance and gratitude, and it’s personal. Which brings me to my challenge. I challenge you to at some point during (or in between) your adventures this weekend, find a way to make this Memorial Day personal. Find a way to remember the fallen, and find a way to express gratitude for their sacrifice.

There are lots of ways to do this, and it doesn’t require a grand event or gesture. You can pull over on the mountain bike trail and think quietly to yourself. You can sit on the summit with your climbing partner and share your thoughts with one another. You can paddle to an eddy, and sit quietly in reflection. You can watch the sun rise or set, and appreciate the freedom you have to do so. You can chat about Memorial Day with your family and friends in the yard or at the dinner table. You can attend a formal memorial service, or donate to a cause that supports families of the fallen. If you know a veteran, you can listen to their stories of fallen comrades. If you know a surviving family, you can let them know you’re there for them.

The point is, there are endless ways to make Memorial Day personal. And, it should be personal…not just for veterans like me, but for everyone. It should be more than the unofficial beginning of summer and a time to take advantage of really great sales. It should be a time of gratitude and reflection. Of course, it can (and should) be about adventure and fun, too. Trust me, those who Memorial Day honors would want it that way!

So, give it a shot. See if you can make Memorial Day personal this year. Pursue your adventure this weekend, but at some point, pause. And, of course, when you’re done reflecting, enjoy that great tasting, organic, handmade Kate’s bar that’s in your pack! After all, you have more adventures to pursue.


Todd P. Hanna