Raise The Bar, Raise Some Funds

Raise The Bar, Raise Some Funds

Posted by Kate's Real Food on 21st Feb 2017

There’s nothing like a little healthy competition in the office. It helps when you’re slugging away at phone calls and emails to have add extra fire to your footstep. And after the hellish storm cycle from Mother Nature that clearly tested all our spirits out west, there was no question that natural disastrous circumstances make you appreciate your community, and especially those who make it better for all of us. So here’s what happens when you mix all that up and shake it.

Kate’s Real Food employees are trying to raise money for local and national nonprofits. We picked codes, that are really easy to remember, and we went steep with a 40% discount for anyone who uses these codes online. Each code though has a little more value than a sweet savings. If the code is used enough, 10% of those purchases will go to either Teton County Search & Rescue, Mountain Bike the Tetons, Blue Ribbon Coalition, Project SMILE, or Wyoming Untrapped.

Sure it’s fun to sell a lot of bars--we know that already. What’s more fun? Giving back any way you can to the people that keep you safe, your trails open and bring positivity to many. So help us out and spread the word. We only have until March 11th to get the boss lady’s attention and a check for downright cool missions.

So Go Ahead, Pick Your Favorite Cause & Everyone Wins: Good Food to Eat & Cash Money!


Teton County Search & Rescu


Teton County Search and Rescue (TCSAR) was started in 1993 by the Teton County Sheriff's Department to provide vital emergency search and rescue services for Teton County and surrounding areas to those in need.

The TCSAR Foundation supports TCSAR volunteers through direct support, community education and advocacy. Together, we create an organization that works to keep Teton County residents and visitors safe in the backcountry 24 hours a day -- 7 days a week.

Mountain Bike the Tetons


MBT is an official chapter of the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA). Mountain Bike the Tetons was originally established in 2013 as Mountain Bike Teton Valley. After realizing the benefits of advocating for mountain biking on both sides of Teton Pass, it expanded its service area to include Jackson Hole and became Mountain Bike the Tetons. MBT is a steward of trail expansion and maintenance as well is the founder of Teton Region Composite Team, the region’s first-ever high school mountain bike team.

The BlueRibbon Coalition/Sharetrails.org


The BlueRibbon Coalition/Sharetrails.org is a national non-profit organization that champions responsible recreation and encourages individual environmental stewardship. With members in all 50 states, BRC is focused on building enthusiast involvement with organizational efforts through membership, outreach, education, and collaboration among recreationists.

Operation Smile


Operation Smile was founded in 1982 when Dr. William Magee, Jr. a plastic surgeon, and his wife, a nurse and clinical social worker, traveled to the Philippines with a group of medical volunteers to repair children’s cleft lips and cleft palates. A grassroots movement was formed when they were flooded with hundreds of babies on that first trip, to take care of “Every child that has a facial deformity is our responsibility. If we don’t take care of that child, there’s no guarantee that anyone else will” according to Kathy Magee, Operation Smile Co-founder and President.

Wyoming Untrapped

CODE: gohike

WYOMING UNTRAPPED is dedicated to CREATING AN ENVIRONMENT SAFE FOR PEOPLE, PETS AND WILDLIFE through, education, reform and advocacy by informing the public of the hazards of Wyoming’s inhumane wildlife trapping practices, encouraging wildlife management agencies and decision makers to modernize the state’s trapping regulations and mobilizing a concerned citizenry to achieve solution-based strategies to reach our mission.

WYOMING UNTRAPPED strives to share pertinent, up-to-date, science-based information with the public, and encourage individuals, organizations, local communities, and government agencies to work collaboratively to achieve meaningful trapping reform.