Riki Tiki Tavi Our Tiki Bar is Mana.

Riki Tiki Tavi Our Tiki Bar is Mana.

Posted by Kate's Real Food on 22nd Feb 2016

Mana is Hawaiian for spiritual power. KRF is a big proponent of spiritual power. How else can real play occur?

Mana. One the best places on earth that demonstrates mana, is Peahi, aka Jaws, the infamous surf break on Maui. Last month waves went to 80 feet and long boarders from around the world flocked to paddle in and catch the break. If you have never seen this wave, the words to use are magnificent and frightening. Despite it’s intimidating stature, no one has ever died at Peahi. The soul of Hawaiian culture is evident as volunteers are in the water sweeping for lost surfers by way of boat and jet ski. It really is mana to see surfing here, the sport is supported by its community and enthusiasts alike. It really is mana to see mother nature and nothing but a man and a board take on the power of the Pacific.

We’re stoked that the organic food haven of Maui, Mana Foods, has begun carrying our bars for surfers, yogis, bikers and visitors alike---there’s no better place to nourish your spiritual diet before heading out for high tide. Maui is a discerning food enthusiast island, and we know KRF’s clean ingredients will sustain folks from Peahi to Haleakala.

Thankfully, our bars are exactly what peeps need for long days on the water so they can seek mana out on the horizon. And we know the tropics are going to love our love for the tropics with the first bite into KRF’s Tiki Bar.

The essence of the Tiki Bar is found in its ingredients. Coconut, mango and cashews, this bar is stripped down for lightness and svelte with adventure. With no wheat, soy, or chocolate this bar actually makes it easy for folks with diet restrictions to make a selection at the store before their big trek. Is it really that big of a deal to find a bar that’s free of everything? Yes. And on an island, thousands of miles from the mainland, we’re sure to make the zealot’s day with a mana of an option at Mana Foods in Paia.

Author’s side note: Riki Tiki Tavi, Kipling’s famed mongoose (and perhaps Donovan’s best song) is a great example of how to become a superhero in unexpected places. Rikki-Tikki-Tavi makes it his business to explore the grounds, and be a mongoose of course where he found whole fulfillment in doing what he was born to do, keep snakes out of his family’s garden. Gnarly.