Trail Work

Trail Work

Posted by Kate's Real Food on 14th Jun 2012

This week is Victor Bike Week. We're celebrating the bike a couple ways - riding to work, helping raise money for the local trails and pathway organization and working on trail. On Tuesday, I spent a couple hours working on a new trail just outside of town called Rush Hour. It's a short, fast and fun trail that twists above the highway to Teton Pass - hence the name, Rush Hour. We were bench cutting the trail through a really pretty aspen grove - if you've ever worked on trail through an aspen grove you know that we were dealing with a lot of roots. It's hard work: digging, chopping, bending over, piling dirt.... but with just 10 of us we accomplished a lot - there is now section that is faster, more fun to ride and safer for both riders and hikers in both directions.

All this work got me thinking about trail organizations, namely the Colorado Trail Foundation. This is a group of folks who get people to pay, that's right, pay money to work on a trail for a whole week! They sponsor trail weeks where volunteers pay $60 and work on a trail for a whole week. Sure the CTF provides the food and a beautiful location to work, but their volunteers pay for the opportunity and the CTF sells out the volunteer spots. I gotta say - I am impressed! They do have a few openings left for the summer - check out their facebook page for more information.

You don't have to commit to a full week of trail work to make a difference on your local trails. You can:

  • participate in local dig days,
  • donate to your local trail organization,
  • stash a tool on your favorite trail that needs work and every time you ride/hike/moto take a few minutes to work on it,
  • see folks working on trail while you are riding? Help even if just for 10 minutes. They'll appreciate it and you'll appreciate what goes into making a really nice trail.

Because every little bit helps make your trails that much sweeter.