We gave Kate’s a run at Gravel Camp Patagonia, AZ

We gave Kate’s a run at Gravel Camp Patagonia, AZ

Posted by The Cyclist's Menu on 19th Feb 2018

We’ll be 100% honest with all of you; it’s hard to find the right food that works for you as an athlete. It takes years, trials, ups and downs, you name it we’ve tried it! Yet, in an ever-growing market of packaged food, we’ve discovered a few that work, taste great and don’t make your stomach feel like you just ate half a burger or more. Kate’s Real Food Bars started in Kate Shade’s kitchen, as a wholesome, healthy snack to get her through big days skiing in the Teton backcountry of Idaho or tram laps at Jackson Hole Resort. Hence the first bar’s name, “Tram Bar.” What is now a full line of different flavors and ingredients, Kate’s has produced an on the go meal bar that packs a punch, limits flavor fatigue and is nice to eat when your literally “moving fast!” We gave it a go in Gravel Camp country in Southern Arizona and have a lot of great things to share.

At The Cyclist’s Menu we’re all about eating foods that make sense for our bodies and the environment. However you want to think about your footprint on this planet, what you eat has a much larger impact than we all realize. Much of our tendencies stem from simplicity and it’s challenging to break those routines. The schedules we all face are all over the place on a daily basis. When you can count on something that works for your health and wellness stick with it. So, when and if you’re staring at the wall of meal bars at your health food store (which is a daunting task by the way,) remember that Kate’s bars are anywhere from 86-91% organic, full of ingredients you can pronounce and understand, made in small batches and taste freaking great! Also, Kate’s ‘Tiki bar’ is Gluten, Soy and Dairy FREE! Radical!

Kate’s come in 2 different sizes which makes moving with them easy and usable for those who need to keep an eye on how much their consuming on a regular basis during exercise. The full bars range from 260-360 calories over 2 servings. Where as the newly added “Bites” pack a 130 caloric hit ideal for training rides, runs and a boost before putting in a gym session or hot yoga class. The Bites are a favorite at The Cyclist’s Menu for their simplicity and easy access. When out riding or running, you can carry an open package and devour each piece as you go, versus mowing down a bar at threshold, haha! We all know what that feels like, no matter how easy it is to chew or eat some real food while exercising.

Heidi and I recently headed out for a 90-mile ride from our home in Tucson, Arizona. It was a stellar day, 80 degrees, nothing other than riding on the mind. We each brought 1 meal bar and 1 pack of bites. Our ride time was 5 hours and with close to 400 calories in each of our pockets we were set for our adventure. What works well for Kate’s bars is the texture and low glycemic energy burn. Soft and chewy, a bit sweet and savory, Kate’s provided what we needed to keep moving comfortably while feeding our bodies what it needed each hour to feel great on the bike. I’ve been steering away from peanut butter for a little while due to some congestion issues, but I still love the stuff. However, in taking a break from it, I am really enjoying the ‘Handle Bar.’ Dark chocolate, cherries and almonds make this bar super delish! Furthermore, in all of Kate’s bars, the oats literally feel like they just came out of the oven. It’s easy on the palette. 90 miles with Kate’s makes gearing up for your next big adventure seem simple.

We are STOKED on Kate’s and super excited to share this great on the go food with our clients at Gravel Camp in Arizona this winter and around the country, season after season. We hope to see you out there adventuring in 2018. #ridebikeseatfood ya’ll and visit www.katesrealfood.com for more info!