This holiday shopping season is winding down, and we know that there are still loved ones on your list. They could be hard to buy for, or perhaps you are simply

In search of just the right piece of gear? I bet you are. Many of us are involved in an ongoing hunt to replace a favorite item that was either

How to Start a Farm to School Program

October is Farm to School Month!   Don’t the sights and smells of fall bring you back to your childhood? They do for me. In fact, being a native New

David McClure Digs Deep (in more ways than one)

Pro snowmobiler David McClure may spend his winter days deep in the backcountry or burning up a snowy racing slope, but in the off-season this dedicated rider hardly takes it

Mountain Bike the Tetons

Lin Heffner, the new Executive Director for Mountain Bike the Tetons (MBT), always dreamt of living in a mountain town. Lucky for us, early this spring she landed the job

Ladies Only: SheJumps Alpine Finishing School

by Abby Stanford The female shredders you see pulling off big lines in the mountains do so only with serious experience & knowledge. In fact, these two vital elements are

Sick Day: My Windows Phone Gig

By Tammy Donahugh This spring, I had the opportunity to do something pretty special. I rode my mountain bike in an online commercial for the new Microsoft Windows Phone. Not


by Christian Santelices Welcome. That’s how we feel in Ethiopia. Everywhere you go, people wave to you from the road, kids surround us, wanting to see what we are about. It

Location, Location, Location…

Some people choose to put their career first and their location second. Like many folks who live in mountain communities, I chose to make the mountains my priority. My career

Killing It

We are small; we are in the food industry; we are struggling. Learning the ins and outs of this business as we go, taking some good knocks, and hardly scraping