Lighten Up : Abolish the Springtime Funk

  Springtime can wreak havoc on your inner being. Grey days and rainy weather aggravate cabin fever as you find yourself confined—without logical explanation—to the couch. You swear you’re not

Jackson Hole Closing Day Attire List

  April 7th marks the final day of lift service at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort (aka The Village). Despite snowfall amounts, the resort shuts down its operations every April to

A Backcountry Breakup Tale

We’re pleased to announce our humorous and witty Backcountry Breakups Contest Winner: Jennifer Hughes! Thanks to all who took the time to enter. It was tough to pick a favorite,

Brian Garrahan and the Baja 1000 – Part 2

Where we left off…The first 50 miles were all silt beds which made riding quite interesting at night. There I was, riding along at about fifty or sixty miles per


Fall is electric in the mountains.  There’s a bite in the air and the prospect of upcoming powder has the locals buzzing over PBR’s at the designated watering hole. Some

Small Business, No Problem.

On the road and in the office, we get a ton of questions about the origins of our growing company.  Running a small business can be challenging but also fun

Making Life a Little Tasty-er

  Get your t-shirts while they’re hot! We’ve whipped up a batch of limited edition Tasty t-shirts just for you. Support Kate’s, get a new t-shirt and increase your level

Kate Schade. Real Life.

Foodspring sat down with our own Kate Schade recently to gain a little insight on Kate’s Real Food. Skiing and outdoor play inspired, Kate’s original Tram bar gave her the

A Ride With Matt

Kate’s Real Food is happy to support “A Ride with Matt”. Matt was recently diagnosed with Huntington’s disease, a genetic brain disorder that affects muscle coordination and leads to cognitive

Team Spotlight:  Bandwagon Racing

We have so many people who love our bars, and more are discovering them all the time. Our athlete ambassadors and teams are instrumental in making this happen, as they