This week our new marketing guru, Rachel, is headed to the Mountain States Cup Wildflower Rush.  I have to admit it, I have some jealousy pangs: Crested Butte easily is

  I want to share a letter we just received from one of our customers, the folks at Buyer’s Best Friend Retail Store. Buyer’s Best Friend is a California wholesaler

The Plan:  Catch a post-work evening dirt bike ride with 6 buddies. Meeting Time: 5:30 pm on Wednesday. The Execution: Stragglers!  With late arrivals we didn’t get going until 6:30

Ambassador Spotlight

We have so many people who love our bars, and more are discovering the all the time. Our great athlete ambassadors are instrumental in making this happen, as they pass

The Dog Days of Summer

With the start of school signaling the end of summer, there seems to be a bittersweet sentiment sweeping through Teton Valley. Summers have a tendency to be full-throttle, and so

Dirt Divas Make Real Play Fun!

As an energy bar company, we get requests constantly to sponsor amazing events all over the country. We’d love to send bars to every single event, but it’s simply not

FREE Shipping & Handling on $100+ Orders

  Yep, we’re offering FREE shipping on any order over $100! Stock up on your favorite flavors from Kate’s and save! Shipping larger quantities is better for the environment (less

What Mud?

Kate’s Tram Bar Athlete, Brian Garrahan, just took first place at Round 2 of the AMA’s West Coast Hare Scrambles! After winning the overall title last year, Brian is motivated

Winter Wonderland

There are days when it feels like winter will never end. I wake up to the endless sea of white outside my window, and it seems like the days of