• Why Kate’s, when there are so many other bars out there?

    Taste, taste, taste. Flavor, flavor, flavor. Crunchy, chewy, sweet, and fully satisfying. Eating Kate’s is an experience in itself. We believe that good tasting food is an essential part for good fun existence. Every single bite is an experience of distinct textures and flavors, not one homogenous mix like the many other bars on the market. We use quality whole, organic ingredients that are recognizable to you, our fans. And really, we do taste the best!

  • Are Kate’s bars organic?

    Kate’s bars are anywhere between 80-92% organic. “For the most part organic.” We have just a few ingredients that are not organic, but are on the hunt for the perfect organic replacements in order to become 100% organic. There are many size and wording restrictions when it comes to labeling “organic” on packaging. That’s why we are unable to portray it more loudly on the front.

  • Are Kate’s bars Kosher?

    Our facility is certified Kosher by OK Kosher.

  • Do Kate’s bars have Non-GMO certification?

    A genetically modified organism (GMO) is an organism that has been altered genetically through the insertion of a modified gene or a gene from another organism. We do not support this practice and currently are in the process of getting our non-GMO status. Any ingredient that is organic is also considered non-GMO. Here at Kate’s we always source non-GMO ingredients.

  • Are Kate’s bars raw?

    Kate’s bars are not fully raw, but do contain raw ingredients.

  • Are Kate’s bars vegan?

    We also are not vegan since every bar is sweetened with honey. The Tram Bar also has milk as an ingredient in its milk chocolate.

  • Are Kate’s bars dairy free?

    Kate’s bars are all dairy free except for the Tram Bar which has milk in the milk chocolate.

  • Are Kate’s bars gluten free?

    The Tiki Bar is made with gluten free ingredients, but is not certified gluten free yet. The other four bars are not gluten free because they contain “regular” oats. Oats are naturally gluten free, but because they are most often processed in a facility that also processes wheat, there may be a micro amount of gluten found in these oats. Some gluten sensitive folks can eat the oats, and others cannot. It all depends on the body’s level of sensitivity.

  • Why don’t you use gluten free oats?

    We plan on changing to gluten free oats soon!

  • Is there soy in your bars?

    Until we find a different chocolate that will measure up to our standards, the milk chocolate in our bars contains soy lecithin, while the dark chocolate contains organic soy lecithin. Kate Schade is neither a fan nor a promoter of soy products, so we hope to find a soy free chocolate in the future.

  • Why do Kate’s bars have more sugar than the other bars?

    Ounce per ounce, Kate’s bars have about the same amount of sugar as most of the other bars on the market. In many cases we have less, but because our bars are bigger than most, the overall count may seem higher. We hope that folks will start reading labels more thoroughly and realize that when they buy some of the smaller products the sugar percentage may be much higher than they think.Next time you buy a bar, divide the grams of sugar on the packaging by the ounces. This will give you how many grams of sugar per ounce. Kate’s Bars are also sweetened by organic honey. The natural sugars in honey give a more sustained energy boost and have been found to keep blood sugar levels more consistent than other sugars.

  • What about using agave or stevia?

    We are not so sure about the health benefits of agave from what we have read, so do not plan on using it in our bars. Studies have shown that the body is unable to readily use the unnatural fructose in agave “nectar” for energy and so rapidly transforms it into fat. High Fructose Corn Syrup is also found to be in this same category. As far as Stevia, we have not found a way to use it in the bars and have the result be pleasing to our palates.

  • Why are Kate’s more expensive than other bars?

    First, let’s start by saying, “Looks can be deceiving!” The Tram Bar and the Grizzly Bar are a large 3 ounces. They are thicker and denser than other brands and our bar is not lost in its packaging. Ounce per ounce, the price of our bar is comparable to others, right about $1.00 per ounce. We encourage people to look at what they are getting when they pick up a bar. The bar next to ours may be flat, and wide, and $1.39. Sounds like a great deal right? But take some time to look at the size, only 1.3 ounces. The Tram Bar is 3 ounces, $3.00 and so much more delicious! We use organic ingredients, which are more expensive than conventional ingredients. Organic ingredients have not been exposed to toxic pesticides nor are they genetically modified. Personally, we believe they taste way better, are better for you, and better for the environment. Our bars are made in small batches, not machine made. Here at Kate’s, real mountain loving people make our bars. We find it adds to the great texture, and we are also able to continue to hire great people instead of machines.

  • Do all the bars have chocolate?

    All of our bars do have chocolate. It’s not an overpowering amount by any means and, in the future, we will have more non-chocolate options.

  • Do all the bars have peanut butter?

    Nope, the Handle Bar is made with almond butter instead of peanut butter.

  • How much protein do your bars have? Why not more?

    The bars have between 5 and 9 grams of protein, depending on which bar you eat. We are looking into a higher protein bar, but will be using some ingredients naturally higher in protein instead of boosting our bars with soy or whey protein.

  • When do I eat the bars?

    Here at Kate’s we are not sports nutrition scientists, but we know what good food is. We get great reviews from our fans, many of whom are the most amazing and best athletes in the Rocky Mountains. Before, during, and after exercise Kate’s has been tried and true. Generally, for intense competitive exercise, our fans don’t eat the bars immediately beforehand. During long intense exercise, our bars hold people over for hours at a time since the carb, protein, and fat content creates a more sustainable energy burn. The overall word from our users is that they are very easy on their digestion as well. That’s what you get when you eat Real Food! Kate’s is also a favorite for breakfast with coffee, lattes, and the like. It’s one reason you will find us at a lot of coffee shops. Or if you are on the run all the time, “the Big Bars” are an easy and affordable favorite lunch option. Really you can eat Kate’s whenever you want, because it is made with only real, wholesome ingredients.