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Kate Schade


Favorite Bar: Stash Bar Adventure of Choice: Big Mountain Country with Friends

I prefer to eat peanut butter by the spoonful, and the Stash Bar satisfies both that craving and has a higher amount of protein as well. Currently, nothing in the world beats being out in the big mountain country with my friends, riding my dirt bike all day long, conquering technical challenges, pushing my mental and physical limits, and returning to camp invigorated and exhausted. And not to be forgotten: my favorite spot is camping next to the river with hot springs just a short walk away. My own private #Ridaho . . .

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Todd Hanna

Chief Energy Officer (CEO)

Favorite Bar: Handle Bar Adventure of Choice: Completing The Grand Teton Traverse

A graduate of The University of Texas at Austin, he has worked at all levels across multiple industries including commercial construction, real estate, finance, online publishing, and CPG. He served on active duty as an officer in the United States Marine Corps from 2002-2008, including two combat tours in Iraq and participation in Operation Unified Assistance (Indonesia Tsunami Relief). In addition to his corporate and military experience, Todd has extensive nonprofit leadership experience as well. He helped start and lead Explore Austin (a nonprofit dedicated to changing the lives of underserved youth through mentoring and outdoor adventure) and also served as as Vice President of Marketing & Development at Teton Science Schools in Jackson, WY.

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Bruce Thaler

Chief Excitement Officer

Favorite Bar: Grizzly Bar Adventure of Choice: Fishing in Alaska, Hiking and Biking in the Tetons, Skiing in Jackson Hole

Bruce, a dentist by trade and entrepreneur for life, partnered with Kate in 2010. His love for the outdoors, be it skiing, hiking, biking or fishing along with his love of real food stoked his desire to become part of Kate’s

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Jessica Kraft

Director of Operations

Favorite Bar: Handle Bar Adventure of Choice: Being a Mom Contact Jessica

My favorite adventure continues as I raise my son and remain fascinated with all there is to do and see in Teton Valley after our recent move from the cities of Washington State. My favorite adventure is living in the moment.

Matt Blair

Production Manager

Favorite Bar: Handle Bar Adventure of Choice: Hiking Contact Matt

HHello! Thank you for taking the time to look at the humans that are associated with Kate's Real Food! Everyone who works with this company are truly amazing people and they put forth a large amount of effort to make our products as amazing as they are! Some folks are new to the "WyDaho" area and others grew up in this neck of the woods. Old timers, like myself, take great pride in helping everyone Fuel Their Stoke in the beautiful surrounding areas.

Hudson Penn

Sales Manager

Favorite Bar: Grizzly Bar Adventure of Choice: Mountain Biking Contact Hudson

After many years in the finance world, Hudson heeded the call and moved west to Jackson, WY. Hudson loves Jackson for the easy access to incredible bike trails and unmatched skiing terrain as well as the tight-knit community of adventurers. He admits that everyone that lives in Teton Valley is a little crazy in their outdoor pursuits, but that's the attraction of the lifestyle! If you see him around say hello, he claims to never have met a stranger in his life.

McKenzie Blair

Customer Success Manager

Favorite Bar: Handle Bar Adventure of Choice: Time with Husband Contact Mckenzie

My position is the coolest (in my opinion) I am at the cross section of the Production Team with their making of Kate's Goodies and the Sales and Marketing teams with all of our WONDERFUL CUSTOMERS! I am honored to support three very important parts of the Kate's Community. When you are in need of Kate's Bars and Bites, I am the one to get you the goods!

Bria Gillespie

Production Team Captain

Favorite Bar: Handle Bar Adventure of Choice: Climbing & MTN Biking Contact Bria

Born and raised in Sun Valley, ID where the lift lines are short, groomers perfection, hot springs plentiful and PBR flows like wine, I am very convinced Idaho is the best place on earth. After doing the whole "higher education" thing in Colorado and Montana I came running back to the land of potatoes, endless wilderness, empty trails and zero lift lines as fast as I could, and am beyond stoked to be calling the Tetons home. When I'm not at Kate's chances are you'll find me playing in the mountains, taking a quick crag-nap, nerding out to podcasts, yoga-ing, or planning the next adventure.

Jordan Scott

Marketing & Development

Favorite Bar: Grizzly Bar Adventure of Choice: Traveling Contact Jordan

Jordan enjoys traveling around from place to place all the while learning new online technologies in the realm of Web Development and Digital Marketing. From Idaho, to Saipan, Guam, Japan, Fiji, South Korea, and the occasional trip to Quebec, Jordan tends to leave the motherland when he gets the opportunity. "Nothing quite beats the thrill of a new place filled with new people, and most importantly, NEW FOOD!" - Jordan