Waiting for Winter

The days are getting shorter, bike shops have changed over to ski and snowboard shops, and your new season pass sits patiently on your dresser. Winter’s close, but throwing on

The Art of Suffering

The Art of Suffering by By Vasu Sojitra, KRF Ambassador It’s cold, very cold; enough to seep into your bones and take several cups of hot chocolate and a warm fire

Up Close and Personal: Brendan Leonard

Our ambassadors bring a certain ‘light’ to our company. They make us laugh, they make us cry and most of the time they make us giggle with anticipation at their


Imagine the journey of a lifetime through a country you’ve never explored. Or one that supports a growing and global community of people giving their personal time and donations to

Race Report – Kate at the Boise Ridgeriders Idaho City 100

Kate just returned from a weekend of moto racing at the Boise Ridgeriders Idaho City 100. First a bit of background:  The Boise Ridgeriders Idaho City 100 is an endurance