Growing any company means constant change, and for Kate’s this has been especially evident in the progression of our packaging. What follows is a little photo journey demonstrating this development

“I have a basket of your bars at my house,” says Tony Horton. It’s always flattering when I meet someone who tells me they eat my bars, and in Jackson

An Après-Ski Foodie Menu

  Tired of the ‘ole beer and chicken wings fare that usually proceeds an epic pow day? Have your tastes for après-ski pastimes matured? If so, it’s time to give

Gluten Free?

Kate Schade, Company Founder and Innovator weighs in this week on the topic of gluten free. Not only do folks have sensitivities to gluten, but going “gluten free”  has become

Guiding Lights – Defining Sustainable Food

Here at Kate’s we see ourselves as a small but integral part of the evolving “sustainable” food industry committed to improving the global food system that we depend on to