Kate’s Way

  Owning Kate’s Here I am. It’s Kate. Yes, The Kate, as a lot of you ask. I rarely blog, but know I should make more time to recount the

From the Desk Of Dirt Hound…

From the Desk of Dirt Hound (production honcho for Kate’s Real Food) As fall drifts into winter, I would like to give a big thanks to those who made this

Stoking Kate’s Fire

You may wonder how we keep our stoke up at Kate’s? Sure, it looks pretty from the surface—we’re out and about on our Facebook page enjoying the mountains. But the

The Harvard Route: Bagged on Bars

written by Trevor Kreznar Last summer I bought a book.  I don’t read as much as I should since the majority of my book purchases aren’t novels, they’re guidebooks. But

Gluten Free?

Kate Schade, Company Founder and Innovator weighs in this week on the topic of gluten free. Not only do folks have sensitivities to gluten, but going “gluten free”  has become

Small Business, No Problem.

On the road and in the office, we get a ton of questions about the origins of our growing company.  Running a small business can be challenging but also fun

Kate Schade. Real Life.

Foodspring sat down with our own Kate Schade recently to gain a little insight on Kate’s Real Food. Skiing and outdoor play inspired, Kate’s original Tram bar gave her the

It’s not an adventure unless you experience some struggle.

It’s not an adventure unless you experience some struggle. That’s what I say! As we were gathered around a campfire (somewhere high in the Idaho mountains) in the non-stop pouring

  I want to share a letter we just received from one of our customers, the folks at Buyer’s Best Friend Retail Store. Buyer’s Best Friend is a California wholesaler

Race Report – Kate at the Boise Ridgeriders Idaho City 100

Kate just returned from a weekend of moto racing at the Boise Ridgeriders Idaho City 100. First a bit of background:  The Boise Ridgeriders Idaho City 100 is an endurance