Our First Trade Show: Natural Products Expo East!

After months of working on logistics, filling out paperwork, finalizing and creating new materials, the crew at Kate’s finally made it to our first trade show! Heading across the country

The Dog Days of Summer

With the start of school signaling the end of summer, there seems to be a bittersweet sentiment sweeping through Teton Valley. Summers have a tendency to be full-throttle, and so

Who loves Kate’s?

Hikers, bikers, parents, kids, athletes & office workers to name a few!

Kate’s Simply Tastes Better

Taste and texture and flavor, oh my!

Motorsports, Sponsorship, and Quality Folk

Three years ago, I began riding a dirt bike. Yep, the motorized kind. It performs just like a big mountain bike, but now the uphill is just as fun as

Powder, Roots, and Transparency.

I haven’t had any time to get my ski gear together. Pardon me!? Were those words from my mouth?  OK. I admit it. I am a business owner, and the