The Players

Todd Hanna

CEO (Chief Energy Officer)

Favorite Bar: Handle
Most Impactful Adventure: United States Marine Corps
Most Meaningful Adventure: Explore Austin
Most Technical Adventure: Completing The Grand Traverse
Most Current Adventure: Kate's Real Food!
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Kate Schade


Favorite Bar: Stash Bar!

I prefer to eat peanut butter by the spoonful, and the Stash Bar satisfies both that craving and has a higher amount of protein as well. The taste reminds me of a Nutter Butter Peanut Butter Cookie! Did I just date myself or do they still make them? Anyway, the Stash is way tastier, and healthier. Favorite Adventure: Currently, nothing in the world beats being out in the big mountain country with my friends, riding my dirt bike all day long, conquering technical challenges, pushing my mental and physical limits, and returning to camp invigorated and exhausted. Afterwards, cocktails, beer, smoNationalked salmon, home-made pate, good laughs, and good company make it all complete. And not to be forgotten: my favorite spot is camping next to the river with hot springs just a short walk away. I can't tell you where since I don't want you to take my camp spot! My own private #Ridaho . . .

Bruce Thaler

Chief Excitement Officer

Bruce, a dentist by trade and entrepreneur for life, partnered with Kate in 2010. His love for the outdoors, be it skiing, hiking, biking or fishing, stoked his desire to become part of Kate’s.

Matt Blair

Production Pimp

Bar: Grizzly
Favorite Adventure: My favorite adventure started as a discussion then a decision with my best friend whom is also my wife to hike a different trail every week in the Tetons over the next few years.

Hudson Penn

Wild Cowboy of Sales

Favorite bar - Grizzly

Favorite adventure: My last solo road trip which was about a month long and led me down to Texas then west to San Diego and back to Jackson stopping in some incredible places along the way to mountain bike, hike and play some disc golf.

Ellen Ewankow

Shipping Manager

Favorite Bar: Handle Bar

Favorite Adventure: RAGBRAI XLV.

Last July I spent a week pedaling my ‘94 Cannondale from the western border of Iowa all the way to the Mississippi River. Along with 10,000 other riders, I participated in the annual 7 day bike ride across the state of Iowa known as RAGBRAI. The tour consisted of biking 50 to 60 miles per day on closed paved roads with plenty of stops for beer and pie. So. Much. Fun.

Tibby Plasse

Marketing Director

Favorite Bar: Handle

Favorite Adventure: To date, it's still when my mom threw me on Mt. Washington at age 6 and said ``we're going to the top.``

John Lansdale

National Sales Director

Favorite Bar: Grizzly Bar
Favorite Adventure: Kayaking, always.

Jessica Kraft

Business Manager

Favorite Bar: The Handle Bar
Favorite Adventure: My favorite adventure continues as I raise my son and remain fascinated with all there is to do and see in Teton Valley after our recent move from the cities of Washington State. My favorite adventure is living in the moment.
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