Packed with real food, Kate’s Bars are sure to keep your body fueled and your tastebuds happy as you pursue your passions! Watch out, they’re addicting!




Our 1oz. package with 4 perfect bites provides a substantial snack with easy to use Twist & Save packaging. Both Stash and Grizzly Bites meet the USDA Smart Snack requirements.



I'm sold!Yummy!Great find!
"Found this bar when skiing in Utah and enjoy at home when cycling. Compact, delicious and keeps you going!"

I'm sold!


Kate bars are awesome. I love them!


George & Sarah

We were in the Idaho area where these are made and we fell in love with them. They taste great and are a great pick me up!

Great find!


What We’re Up To

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Kate’s Real Food Announces Todd Hanna as New CEO

Kate’s Real Food is expanding with new leadership. Jackson Hole local Todd Hanna from Belay On Advisors has accepted the new role of CEO at Kate’s Real Food as of

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As I stood on the shore, I seemed to feel it all at once. For a moment I saw myself from above. One human being standing on the shores of a piece of land. I had survived one conversation at a time. I had witnessed how things change over time and most importantly, I had discovered how some things stay the same.

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