SoulFolle In Japan

"We are storytellers venturing to achieve a pleasant blend of image and sound that makes you feel all sorts of wiggly."
- SoulFolle

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An Adventure Into The Frank

Read about Becca Aceto's trip into the Frank Church Wilderness

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What's In A Kates Bar

Take a peek at our flavors, ingredients, and nutrition facts to help you make the best decision when it comes to Fueling Your Stoke!

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Who Took My Bars?

My granddaughter took them before I could even open the box!

- Customer Review

Lunch In My Pocket

I have them in my pocket, my glovebox, my desk.....why go out and eat? Great energy on the trail....great energy on the road.

- Customer Review

So Good I Can't Believe It!

This isn't specific to the mixer, but to all the bars. The first time I had one, a grizzly bar, I really could not believe that it tasted as good as it did AND was made with real, good, stuff!! Simply the best! And the Mixer, is a mix of them all.

- Customer Review

Unsurpassed Nutritional Excellence!

I bought there bites to make nutrition packs for a group of students that I took to a wilderness medicine adventure race. I combined the Tram Bites with some full size bars in each packet. Some of the students have never had a Kate's bar but by the end of the race they were asking where they could get more!

- Customer Review