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Comparing Energy Bars

Comparing Energy Bars

Life is overscheduled, supremely packed, and plain ol’ busy! And this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it may make less room for the essential things in life…like meals! Whether we are traveling, hustling from activity to activity or simply just on-the-go, we can often catch ourselves in a bind without a warm meal nearby. Thankfully, this active lifestyle lends itself to the ever-present rise in eating on the go and that’s where energy bars, like Kate's Real Food, come into play.
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nutritious snacks for adults, organic snack options | Kate's Real Food

Wholesome Treats for Adults and Kids: Exploring All-Natural Snack Options for a Healthier Lifestyle

In a world filled with processed and unhealthy snack choices, it can be difficult to find nutritious snacks that cater to both adults and kids. Fortunately, there is a treasure trove of all-natural snack ideas waiting to be discovered. All-natural snacks are free from artificial additives and preservatives, providing a healthier alternative to traditional processed snacks.
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what to eat on game day, best pre-game breakfast | Kate's Real Food

Fuel Your Wins with Game Day Nutrition

Athletic performance and dialing in pre-game nutrition go hand in hand as nutrition directly impacts energy levels, endurance, and overall output. Consuming the right food before a game can provide the necessary fuel for peak performance and help prevent fatigue. Remember to focus on a well-balanced meal while also staying adequately hydrated.
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healthy flavorful snacks, quick healthy snacks | Kate's Real Food

Discover the Delicious World of Healthy Snacks

Healthy snacking doesn’t have to be a compromise between taste and nutrition. By incorporating delicious and wholesome healthy snack ideas into your daily routine, you can nourish your body while satisfying your cravings.
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healthy energy bar ingredients, benefits of energy bars | Kate's Real Food

Sustained Energy On-the-Go: The Benefits of Energy Bars

Energy bars have become a go-to choice for individuals seeking quick and convenient sustenance in a variety of situations. Here at Kate’s Real Food we know that many of the energy bars today are filled with unhealthy ingredients that only hinder your progress and goals.
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gut healthy diet | eating for a healthy gut | kate's real food

The Gut Health Diet: Nurturing Your Gut with Superfood and Healthy Eating

When it comes to eating for gut health, a diet rich in whole, unprocessed foods is key. A gut-healthy diet emphasizes the consumption of fiber, fermented foods, and prebiotics. Fiber acts as nourishment for the beneficial bacteria in our gut, promoting their growth and diversity.
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options for a plant-based diet | Kate's Real Food

Navigating the Snack Aisle: Choosing Plant-Based Food Options

A plant-based diet consists of mainly whole foods that are minimally processed. In fact, this type of eating pattern is particularly full of nutrient dense foods, coming from an array of real food sources, like whole grains, beans, nuts, fruits, and vegetables. It contains minimally processed foods, removes refined foods and processed oils, and contains a chock full of nutrients and antioxidant-rich foods.
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mini snack bars | Kate's Real Food

On-The-Go Snacks: Mini Snack Bars

In the category of convenient, pocket-sized snacks, mini snack bars have become a popular choice for those seeking a balanced and satisfying treat. With a variety of flavors, portion-controlled sizes, and different nutritional profiles, these mini bars cater to a range of needs and lifestyles.
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healthy, after-school snacks | mini snack bars | kate's real food

Fuel for Fun: The Benefits of Healthy, After-School Snacks

With so many choices these days, it’s hard to know if you’re fulfilling their snacking habits with good-for-you and healthy snack choices. Thankfully, Kate’s Real Food Mini Snack Bars deliver on both the health and taste front, so your kids will be satisfied after a long day and perfectly held over before dinner comes around.
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kid-friendly snacks for school

Kid Friendly Snacks for School

Finding the perfect balance between healthy and convenient snacks for school is a challenge that many parents face. However, with a little creativity and planning, you can provide your child with delicious and nutritious snacks that they'll love.
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healthy flavorful snacks | Kate's Real Food

Discover the Delicious World of Healthy Snacks

Healthy snacks play a crucial role in maintaining a balanced diet. They provide essential nutrients, keep our energy levels stable, and support overall well-being. Opting for nutritious snacks not only helps manage weight but also boosts brain function, improves concentration, and aids in maintaining a healthy metabolism.
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The health benefit of oats | Kate's Real Food

The Power of Organic Oats and the Importance of Fiber

The health benefits of organic oats are quite impressive. Oats are a great source of fiber and contain lots of energizing B vitamins. Other whole grains like quinoa, barley, brown rice, and rye also contain fiber and similar vitamins to oats like iron, zinc, and magnesium.
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