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Is there really a Kate?
There sure is! These days, she's hard at work developing new products to fuel your future adventures.

What makes Kate’s bars different from all the other bars out there?
We believe that healthy, great-tasting food helps make life sweet! Eating Kate’s is an experience in itself. That's why each bar is filled with distinct textures and flavors; contains quality, whole-food, organic ingredients; and comes with a great-taste guarantee. Go ahead: take a bite and try us for yourself!

Are your bars non-GMO?
Yes. We source organic, non-GMO ingredients.

Are Kate's bars raw and/or vegan?
Kate’s bars are not fully raw, but they do contain raw ingredients. They are not considered vegan because all of our products are sweetened with all-natural honey, and our Peanut Butter Milk Chocolate Bar contains milk chocolate.

Is there dairy in your bars?
Kate's flavors are all dairy free, except for the Peanut Butter Milk Chocolate Bar.

Do you use soy?
No. Kate’s products are all naturally soy free.

It seems like Kate’s bars have more sugar than other bars. What’s the deal there?
Ounce per ounce, Kate's products have approximately the same amount of sugar as most other bars and bites on the market. To compare with other similar products, divide the grams of sugar on the packaging by the ounce. When considering sugar count, it’s important to remember that Kate's products are sweetened with organic honey. The natural sugars in honey give a more sustained energy boost and have been found to keep blood sugar levels more consistent than other sugars do.

Why do the bars have two servings?
The FDA issues recommendations for serving sizes for many different individual food products based upon the Reference Amounts Customarily Consumed per Eating Occasion. These serving sizes are intended to give consumers an idea of what amount of food constitutes a serving, so that they can make better informed decisions about what they eat. We at Kate’s support that mission, and our products fall into the “grain-based bar” category, which has a reference serving size of 40 grams - so we divide our 62-gram product into 2 servings.

Do all of your products contain chocolate?
The Oatmeal Cranberry & Almond, Mango Coconut, and Lemon Coconut bars do not contain chocolate - and the bars that do don’t have a large amount of it.

How much protein do your bars have? Why don’t they have more?
The bars have between 5 and 9 grams of protein, and the bites bags have between 15 and 27 grams. We are currently looking into ways to add protein without using highly processed soy or whey--and without sacrificing quality or taste.