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5 Ways to Reduce Waste: The Importance of Sustainable Practices

5 Ways to Reduce Waste: The Importance of Sustainable Practices

The Importance of Sustainable Practices and 5 Ways to Reduce Waste

Sustainability is all about protecting the future. Your Dictionary defines sustainable as ‘a practice that maintains a condition without harming the environment’. What we do today has a great effect on the world to come. Small changes we make now will protect the beauty and necessity of the natural world.

What You Can Do

Here are a few small changes you can make to your daily life to help reduce waste and protect the future of the earth.

  1. Recycle

    Take the time to reuse and repurpose items. This can be as simple as using cloth grocery bags, saving and reusing glass bottles, and keeping a designated recycle bin in the home. You can recycle paper products including cardboard, many types of plastics, cans, cartons, glass, and you can recycle spoiled or expired food as compost. Check out the Waste Management website to learn more about appropriate recycling practices.

  2. Conscious Purchasing

    Making conscious, informed decisions while shopping helps to reduce waste. Purchase within your needs, and you will find that not only are you helping the environment, but saving money in the process. For unnecessary purchases, buying used or implementing a ‘do it yourself’ attitude goes a long way.

  3. Energy Efficiency

    Energy Star describes energy efficiency as ‘using less energy to get the same job done--and in the process, avoiding high energy bills and unnecessary pollution.’ Make the change to energy efficient appliances and fixtures around your home and work to break any bad habits of leaving on lights and over-running water.

  4. Grow a Garden

    Planting your own garden is a great sustainable practice with immediate benefits. Growing your own foods reduces waste substantially. Any chance you have to eat unprocessed and unpackaged food is one you should take. Even with limited resources, you can start indoor gardening-- a fresh herb garden will take your meals to the next level!

  5. Alternative Travel

    There are a lot of reasons we would suggest walking or biking to work, and sustainability is one of them. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, not only how often we drive, but the way we drive affects the level of emissions from our vehicles.Bike, walk, and bus if you can-- and when you can’t, be sure to properly and frequently maintain your vehicle.

What Kate’s Is Doing

Kate’s ongoing sustainable practices are an integral part of our company’s culture and production. As an organization, we prioritize sustainability by recycling plastics, glass, paper, metals, and cardboard.

Down to each box, lightbulb, and wrapper, we are finding ways to reduce waste. Kate’s Real Food celebrates every adventure, knowing that we all have a special connection to the land. We are committed to our role in protecting, sustaining and enjoying the beauty of the natural world.