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7 Exercises For A Great Workout

7 Exercises For A Great Workout

Exercising daily is good for you mentally, emotionally, and physically. Not only does it help you feel good but also provides you with lots of natural energy. Below are 7 exercises for you to incorporate into your daily routine.

1. Planks

The plank is the foundation to all exercise. It’s an excellent core exercise where you hold a pushup position at the top of the movement without moving up or down. It’s important to maintain a neutral spine while keeping your core tight. This is a convenient activity that can be done in any space on a stable floor.

Below are some helpful tips when performing a plank:

  • Avoid hips being too low or high
  • Maintain a proud chest
  • Imagine a neutral line through the body
  • Breathwork is integral to your planking success

Be extra cautious if:

  • You have carpal tunnel syndrome
  • You’ve experienced recent chronic injury to your back, shoulders, wrists, elbows or neck

2. Pushups

Pushups can help build strength in the upper body and provide a great chest workout. For a more challenging variation , try incorporating shoulder taps. Below are some important cues to follow:

  • Keep arms fully extended
  • Keep wrists in line with shoulders
  • Keep neck in alignment with your spine
  • Keep shoulder blades flush with your body, avoid retracting them
  • Maintain a straight body from head to toes

3. Running/Jogging

Fresh air and sunshine makes for a wonderful running or jogging experience. Cardiovascular exercise is a great way to boost your metabolism and can increase productivity throughout the day. Whether it’s on a treadmill or outside, running is a good workout for the body.

4. Yoga Stretches

There are a variety of yoga positions that will help you to stretch your body and improve your flexibility. Yoga is a quality combination of working your muscles, flexibility, and cardiovascular system. Stretching also helps to loosen your muscles and prevent pain in your joints. It’s also a calming exercise that can help improve your mood and mental health. Try one of the most popular yoga poses called Cat-Cow.

Begin on all fours with your shoulders directly over your wrists and your hips over your knees. Inhale and slowly arch your back (cow) lifting your chest up and away from your belly. Then exhale and round your back like an angry cat gently contracting your belly.

5. Squats

Squats can be done anywhere with or without weights. Be mindful of keeping your back straight with your feet hip-width apart, and tighten your core for the best results. Focus on your breathwork when performing squats. This is a great exercise to improve your core and get your blood pumping. 

6. Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks can also be conveniently performed anywhere. They can get your blood flowing and work well to build muscle in your arms and legs. To maximize these benefits, try performing 3 sets of 15-20 reps. When this is no longer challenging you can add an additional set and increase the number of reps you’re performing. 

7. Weight Lifting

Weight lifting is a great workout that will boost your metabolism, improve your cardiovascular system, and sculpt your body. Focus on different groups of muscles such as chest, legs, back, core and shoulders. Lifting weights forces your body to not only use energy during the exercises, but also throughout the day which can burn additional calories.

Make sure to replenish your body with a healthy meal afterwards so you help your body recover. Kate’s Real Food bars are an excellent post workout snack!