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The 5 Benefits of Peanut Butter

This smooth and creamy nut butter has a special place in our hearts. From the protein content, vitamins, and seriously irresistible taste-- the benefits of peanut butter have us continually crawling back for more. Kate's Real Food offers 4 different flavors of peanut butter energy bars that provide a natural combination of protein, healthy fats, fiber, vitamins, and minerals for the energy you need and a taste to love. Here are five of our favorite benefits of peanut butter:


It is important to fuel our bodies with protein every single day and peanut butter is a great source. The necessary macronutrient provides strength for your bones and muscles and ‘structure to your tissue’. Fuel your body with the best food for energy from this fan-favorite, go-to plant-based protein.


We’ve all heard the term, ‘healthy fat’, but what does it really mean? According to the Mayo Clinic, healthier fats are unsaturated fats like monounsaturated, poly-saturated, and omega-3-fatty acids. Peanut butter contains mostly unsaturated fats with a combination of monounsaturated and poly-satruated. These healthy fats pair perfectly with protein to provide your body with real, sustainable energy.

Vitamins & Minerals

The benefits of peanut butter go on and on with an incredible list of vitamins and minerals. According to this article, “Unsalted peanut butter, with 5 milligrams of sodium, has a terrific potassium-to-sodium ratio.” This further proves that organic, real-food ingredients make peanut butter bars a healthy and delicious snack.


In addition to vitamins and minerals, peanut butter also gives your body a dose of fiber. We need naturally fiber-rich foods in our daily diets to keep us full, regulated, and gut-healthy.

No sugar needed

Organic peanut butter with no sugar added is the route we always recommend--why mess with this natural nutty delight? A flavor this powerful has no need for added sugar. The natural taste and texture of peanut butter is enough to have our mouths watering.

At Kate’s Real Food, organic peanut butter and almond butter are found at the base of each product. Not only do these nut butters pave the way for fantastic flavors, but they provide a plethora of health benefits and help to naturally bind our organic energy bars together. Order any one of our four peanut butter snack bar flavors and experience this nut in a whole new light.