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Confidence and Goal Setting

Confidence and Goal Setting

Kate’s Real Food Brand Ambassador, Shannon Mahre tells us her tips and tricks for overcoming fear to set and conquer our goals with confidence:

Overcoming Our Fears

Fear - It stands in our way more than we want to admit. But the first step of overcoming fear is looking it in the face - and then figuring out what we need to do to get past it. Conquering our fears lead to some of the biggest confidence building moments of our lives, which is why no matter how many years we have lived, we must never stop learning, we must never stop progressing and we must never stop attacking our fears.


Setting Goals

What else must we never stop doing? Setting goals for ourselves, for our careers and for our families. And can you guess what the #1 reason is that many people do not set goals in the first place? Fear of failure. But when you break your fears down, can you even tell me why you are afraid of failing in the first place? We ALL must fail in order to progress. We ALL must make mistakes in order to learn. Failure is a main ingredient to success - and without it, we would not find our true strength or be grateful for the journey that has led us to our destination.

Falling is NOT Failing

When I am coaching skiing, mountain biking, and stand up paddle boarding, one thing is always the same-- I tell my clients if they are not falling, they are not improving. I also tell them that falling is not failing - it is progressing… and if they focus on falling, it is more likely than not that they will. AKA If you look at the tree, you are probably going to hit the tree.

You see, 90% of everything we do in life is mental, which means that if we think about an action, it is very likely that it is going to happen. This also means that if we let our fears control us, we will never go anywhere in life and we will also never accomplish any or our goals. The other 10% of what we do is purely physical. So if we think we can do something, if we put all of the pieces together mentally on how we will physically accomplish something, that is 90% of the battle in the first place.

Finding Confidence

Our confidence in work and in our personal lives is directly correlated with how we feel about ourselves. In turn, goal setting is directly correlated to self confidence. When we set goals for ourselves and our families that we are passionate and excited about, and then start making steps towards those goals-- our confidence increases. This confidence will then continue to increase exponentially every single baby step that we make along the way.

Where to Start?

Write down a goal, a dream, a focus of yours that makes you smile, that gets your heart racing-- that gets your passions flowing.

Then write down all of the small steps that you will have to accomplish to make it to that big goal.

Next, set a time frame for yourself to accomplish these small steps (but don’t beat yourself if you don’t hit them right on the spot.

We all have busy lives, so giving ourselves a little grace is more than acceptable. All you have to do now is start on that very first step, that very beginning of your new journey. And if fear starts to get into your way, I want you to look it in the eye and tell it this: “Not today, buddy… not today.”

To see even more from Shannon, you can follow her on instagram, read about her coaching programs, and check out her photography!