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Everyday Benefits of Energy Bars

Everyday Benefits of Energy Bars

Energy bars aren’t just for fueling your adrenaline-charged adventures. At Kate’s Real Food, we know that everyday life is just as adventurous as the time we enjoy outdoors. After all, you need a surge of energy to hike that mountain and to climb the ladder. Our organic energy bars and bites will get you through your busy days at home, at work, and on the run.

Busy Lifestyle

The stressful dealings of everyday life can make you forget to take care of yourself. In your limited free time to grab breakfast or lunch, it can feel like the only options are greasy and unhealthy. Don’t let time be your excuse for a sluggish morning-- give your body the energy it deserves.

To simplify your day, make sure you have a few organic snack bars on hand-- real food and real energy in a grab-and-go package. Now you can stock your office with meal replacement bars and never go hungry when you need to work through lunch. If you find yourself settling for unhealthy fast food options, check our store locator to find Kate’s organic food bars near you.

Healthy Eating

A lot of quick snack foods on the market are filled with sugar and calories, but nothing to give you the boost of energy you want with the crucial vitamins and minerals that you need. The solution? Organic snack bars made from real, whole foods--filled with protein and complex carbohydrates to fuel your body and your brain.

It is so important to prioritize healthy food choices. This study shows that nearly half of young adults struggle to find the time to buy, prepare, and sit down to eat a healthy meal. We encourage you to make space in your busy days to prepare a fresh meal--but when you can’t, our sustainable energy bars will ship straight to your door.

Naturally Great Taste

You don’t ever need to sacrifice taste for your health. For an energy bar to be an appropriate meal replacement, it should be filled to the brim with real (and delicious) foods like organic nuts, fruits, and oats. You don’t need added sugar to get a great-tasting snack. Steer clear of harmful ingredients, artificial sweeteners, color additives, and preservatives.

All of Kate’s recipes are carefully crafted to provide you with sustainable, slow-burning energy to get you through even your busiest days. We only use organic, whole-food ingredients to combine perfectly for great taste and texture. Each bar is packed with protein-filled nut butters, certified gluten-free oats, and organic rice crisps for your necessary dose of complex carbohydrates, and naturally sweet fruits for fiber, vitamins, and an unbeatable flavor.

Clean Ingredients

At Kate’s, we believe that what you eat matters. That’s why we use only clean ingredients in all our products. We want each bite to contain the best-quality, best-tasting, healthiest foods we can get our hands on.

Each product is made with you in mind, from your daily grind to your need for adventure. Let us fuel you every day. Whether it’s a quick snack or a meal replacement-- you can count on us to provide you with the energy you need.