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Introducing Snack Bites from Kate’s Real Food

Introducing Snack Bites from Kate’s Real Food

If you’re like most parents, you probably keep a stash of snacks on hand for your kids’ lunchboxes. But, with so many options out there, it’s always a challenge finding snacks made from authentic, quality ingredients. When your kids go to school or you take a family camping trip, finding quality food that will keep them energized and healthy is important.

So, if you’re hunting for a healthy treat, look no further—Kate’s Real Food is proud to introduce snack bites. With three delicious flavors, these bites carry the right nutrients, fueling your kids with the physical and mental well-being needed to thrive.

Demand for Higher Quality Ingredients

Children need to develop healthy habits and bodies early on. Adolescence, in particular, is an essential period of transition where habits form and persist into adult life. Not only can a nutrient-deficient diet lower children’s academic performance, but it can also increase their risk of acquiring a chronic disease later in life. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), empty calories from added sugars and solid fats contribute to 40% of daily calories for children and adolescents aged 2 to 18 years.

Having access to quality food sources has been one of the primary issues for these unhealthy outcomes, and families shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to find a healthy option.

You can count on Kate’s Real Food to give your child the nutrients he or she needs with our USDA organic and GMO-free products. We aim to preserve a sustainable food ecosystem by proactively connecting with local communities to create distinctive textures and flavors. Using real and wholesome ingredients, we seek to educate and create convenient products that champion health and wellness for all types of adventurers.

Three Different Healthy Snacks for Kids to Take to School

Our delicious snack bites come in three flavors that will delight the taste buds of youngsters. Whether they need a pick-me-up in between classes, during sports practice or even while camping, these savory and sweet flavors will give them the brainpower and endurance to tackle the day. Better yet, they each come in a resealable snack bag, so your kids can easily toss them into their backpacks.

Grizzly Snack Bites

Forget peanut butter and jelly—it’s all about peanut butter and chocolate! Our Grizzly bars now come in handy snack bags that are filled with USDA-certified organic ingredients such as dark chocolate, creamy peanut butter, and all natural honey. These will fuel your kids with the right protein and delicious flavors and help manage their sweet tooth.

Handle Snack Bites

We took our Handle Bar and transformed it into a healthy snack food! These bites will definitely pack a punch with their yummy combination of tart cherries, dark chocolate, and crunchy almonds. Sprinkled with all natural honey, Handle Snack Bites will definitely entice your kiddos during recess or weekends outside.

Stash Snack Bites

As many children don’t get enough fiber on a day-to-day basis, this tasty snack, packed with peanut butter, hemp and flax will fill in this gap. Stash Snack Bites promote a happy and healthy tummy while providing wholesome energy for all your kids’ activities.

No matter which flavor you decide to go with, these snack bites will stimulate healthy bodies and minds with quality ingredients. Our products provide a convenient way to nurture yourself with an all-natural vitality.

Purchase Our Snacks Today!

Kate’s Real Food is committed to supplying honest food for explorers of all ages. Because let’s be real, who doesn’t like munching on nutritional, delicious, and bite-sized goodness?

Finding high-quality, organic snacks does not mean you have to sacrifice taste. Purchase our snack bites today to help fuel your kids and keep their bodies growing and their minds exploring.

As an advocate for wholesome living, Kate’s Real Food supports individuals who thrive outdoors and are on the go. You can count on us to provide authentic ingredients that will give you the right boost to conquer the day.