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The Organic Snack Company

The Organic Snack Company

The Perfect Partnership

Kate’s Real Food is thrilled to announce our new partnership with The Organic Snack Company (TOSC), a premium food-manufacturing facility in Bedford, Pennsylvania! Working closely with Kate herself, TOSC has taken special care to preserve the taste, texture, and quality of Kate’s Real Food organic food products. This exciting transition allows us to share Kate’s vision for sharing both organic food and sustainable values with the nation.

Created for Kate’s

The development of this facility has been an ongoing project fueled by Kate’s passion for clean ingredients, organic products--and big adventures. Built specifically for companies like ours, TOSC gives small-but-growing organic food businesses an affordable option to increase their manufacturing capabilities. And with the support of Kate’s Real Food CEO/co-owner, Bruce Thaler, TOSC has come to life.

Opportunities Unfurled

Room to grow: The Bedford Facility will allow our production to increase from 1 million to 12 million bars per year. Kate’s founder/co-owner, Kate Schade, said it best: “The biggest obstacle that we face at Kate’s is our limited production facility here in Victor, Idaho. We are ready for greater exposure and ultimately getting more bars in the mouths of people who want them.”

Spreading sustainability: By reaching a nationwide audience, Kate’s can continue sharing and educating people everywhere on the importance of sustainable practices and consumer purchasing power. Our values were founded in the Jackson Hole, Wyoming area and we are in a unique position to share them as we grow. Even as a single brand, we know we can have a positive impact on the natural world around us.

Creating jobs: We are so glad this new partnership is offering jobs to the Bedford community! Even from other ends of the country, it’s like we are working side-by-side.

Bedford Community

From West to East, we are ready to spread the adventure spirit of Teton Valley across the country. Bedford County has been so welcoming and offers the perfect business environment for TOSC’s manufacturing facility.

“This is a very exciting project for our area. We boast about having the “best of the best” in our region and we will soon have the best energy bar in the country manufactured right here in Bedford County. We are truly grateful to Bruce Thaler for bringing this company home to central Pennsylvania. He’s a wise businessman. He understands the importance of our strategic location, excellent transportation system, stellar workforce and regional cooperation.”

--Bedford County Development Association President Bette Slayton.

Production is up and running in Bedford and we want to share in the adventure with all of you! Shop our organic energy bars and bites today!