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Delta Air Lines Snacks

"Welcome to Kate's Real Food. A raw, wild, wonderful place. A reintroduction to your senses. An acknowledgment of your emotional space. This is adventure. This is the authentic texture of life. Enhance your experience." - Kate Schade

Kate's Real Food Snacks Are Now Available On Delta Air Lines!

If you're here, it's because you discovered that our snack bars on a Delta flight.

We’ve made it our responsibility to raise consumer consciousness and to provide customers with convenient, organic, nutrient-packed snack options uniquely crafted not only to fuel but to nourish all bodies with real ingredients. Because we believe in doing the right thing for our customers and the environment, you never have to worry about what your Kate’s bar is lacking or how its ingredients are sourced. Equally importantly, the only thing better than healthy food is healthy food that tastes great. ​

We have 9 flavors for you to try plus multiple Variety Packs that were made for tasting.

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We don't like to brag, so we'll let 3,500+ fans do it for us.