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Kate’s Combo Pack

A tasty combo of all of Kate’s flavors is sure to satisfy whatever you are craving! Our combo pack is the perfect option for people who like options!

2 Bivy Bars: Lemon & Coconut

2 Tiki Bars: Mango & Coconut

2 Grizzly Bars: Peanut Butter & Dark Chocolate

2 Handle Bars: Dark Chocolate | Cherry & Almond

2 Stash Bars: Peanut Butter | Hemp & Flax

2 Tram Bars: Peanut Butter & Milk Chocolate


*Shelf life is one year from the date of packaging – expiration date is marked on each individual bar


  • Weight: 1.9 lb
  • flavor: All Flavors

215 reviews

Great bars - great pack

Posted by Eric Boston on July 31, 2019

These bars are just fantastic. So the combo pack gives you a chance to see which ones you’ll really dig, and then buy a whole bunch of those. Like the Handle Bar – that’s my number 1 go to for bars. Love it!

Combo Pack

Posted by Marissa on July 24, 2019

I love sharing a bar with a friend on a hike… but these I want to keep all to myself because they’re so delicious. (I still share, but I bring two bars so we can each have one of these bars of awesomeness.)


Posted by Bob Coleman on July 19, 2019

D’licous and ta bOmB!

Kates Real Food Bars

Posted by clint brown on July 8, 2019

Love these bars, which I discovered a few years ago. Taste great, and sssoooooo much better than the heavily processed crap from the big brands we all know that make you feel like a labrat as you “chew” their bars. I also like that Kate’s does not actively support the “lockout” agenda of the Green Menace, unlike some of the major brands.

I friggin' love these bars!

Posted by Kiley Mullen on June 17, 2019

I stumbled across these bars by accident at Expo West, and I’m friggin’ obsessed. My favorite is the Handle Bar (dark chocolate + cherry), and my husband loves the Tram (PB + milk chocolate). They’re delicious and satisfying. The combo was a great way to try them all.

Kate’s bars

Posted by Debbie on June 9, 2019

Love our variety pack..best bars by far!

Kate's bars are perfect for our team's needs

Posted by Maddy Frey on June 5, 2019

We love the taste of these high-energy bars! They have provided much needed calories during games for Atlanta Soul. And we are also very happy about the partnership between Kate’s Real Food and Premier Ultimate League. Great customer service, timely delibery, and a high quality product. We couldn’t ask for more!

Kate's Real Food Combo Pack

Posted by Carol on May 21, 2019

These bars are really, really good. Filling, but not filled with junk. Every flavor is delicious. We’ll order again!

Combo pack

Posted by Richard Zinn on May 14, 2019

I have to say I was a little unsure of a few of the favors but after trying all of them there is not a single one I dont like. Best energy bar on the market my only go to now. I always make sure to have some in my pack or vehicle at all times.

love these bars

Posted by joan holliday on May 13, 2019

I love that I can have all the varities in one box. Just depending on my mood that day, which one I take with me. Thanks.

combo pak bars

Posted by Eric on May 13, 2019

i wish more companies would do this . That way you can try all the flavors . And all the flavors are good !!

Kate’s Combo Pack

Posted by Susan Rochester on May 11, 2019

Perfect assortment of Kate’s Real Food! I love these bars! Half a bar before a run is the perfect amount of fuel. I also keep a bar in my bag and one in my car for those times the hangries strike. Tasty, filling, and satisfying.