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10 of the Best Summer Family Activities

10 of the Best Summer Family Activities

Summer is right around the corner--and we can’t wait to soak it up! Vitamin D has a long list of benefits for your health, so it is so important to get that time outside (even while social distancing). We may not know what the immediate future looks like for our summer, but we don’t have to let it stop us from enjoying a safe, fun season with family and friends!

Here are 10 of the best ways to safely get that healthy dose of Vitamin D:

  1. Picnic in the yard

    No need to travel far! All you need is a blanket, healthy snacks, and your favorite people. We’d recommend finding a nice shady spot, grabbing your favorite flavor of Snack Bites, and slowing down to enjoy a sunny day.

  2. Baking together

    Scour the internet or your old recipe books and find something you’ve never tried before--or come up with your own experiment! This can be a great way to mix up your at-home routine and find some new healthy snacks and meals for the whole family to enjoy.

  3. Clean up your neighborhood

    Whether it be your favorite park or along the streets near your home, it never hurts to bring a trash bag on your walk around the block. Grab the whole family, get them gloved up, and let the clean up begin! If you want to go the extra mile, here are some great tips on how to organize a community clean up.

  4. Exercise

    Exercise is crucial for you and your family's health. Take a quick walk, hike, or bike ride every chance you get. For those longer hikes and rides, be sure to bring along some organic energy bars to keep you going. The time outside--along with the physical activity--can turn your whole day around. So get out and enjoy it!

  5. Arts & crafts

    Don’t let time at home stifle your creativity! Get outside with your favorite art supplies and start creating! You can even take to the sidewalks with your chalk or even a paintbrush and water for some easy fun.

  6. Game night

    Board games, card games, charades, and so on. A little family rivalry over monopoly never hurts, right? Get those imaginations flowing, cherish this time together, and bring everyone in to make some memories.

  7. Plant a garden

    Not only is an at home garden a great way to reduce waste, but it is a great way to spend time together as a family this summer--and maybe even a place to get some healthy meal ideas to incorporate more real foods into your diet. Plant the garden, care for it together, and watch your hard work come to life.

  8. Water Party

    Don’t let pool closures stop the fun. All you need is a hose! Connect the sprinkler; fill a bucket with water (and arm everyone with a cup); or pull out an old tarp and make your own slip-n-slide. Cool off in the summer heat with some good old-fashioned water fights.

  9. Camping in the backyard

    Your favorite camping destinations may be closed--but you can still put your tent to good use. After all, your company is much more important than the destination. To make your camping experience more realistic, bring out some backpacking snack foods! So take the time to unplug and connect with your loved ones.

  10. Scavenger hunt

    Make staying at home a little more exciting--and even a chance to teach your children along the way. Build a list of items that your family can find around the house or in your yard. Insects, plants, household items-- let the search begin.

While adding these adventures to your growing lists for summer, be sure to hydrate and take precautions against sun damage. The Mayo Clinic recommends using sunscreen, wearing protective clothing, planning outdoor activities accordinging, and seeking shade.

Take Kate’s Real Food along for the ride this summer. Our organic energy bars and bites make the perfect tasty, shareable, and healthy family snack. Focus your time and energy on your family and let us take care of fueling your summer adventures.