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2020 Summer Bucket List

2020 Summer Bucket List

After a lot of time feeling stuck indoors, we know you’ve made some summer bucket lists of your own. Now that warmer weather is finally here, those well laid plans can safely come to fruition. If you’re like us, you have a lengthy list of outdoor adventures for the summer!

Welcome to our 2020 Summer Bucket List! To organize this ever growing list, we’ve split it into Triathlon-themed categories: On Foot, Wheels Up, and High Tide--plus some honorable mentions that we just couldn’t leave out.

On Foot

Photography by Stephen Shelesky

Hiking, running, walking, and basic exploring are our favorite kick-offs for summer. From finding a new walk or hike, there is nothing better than getting outside and connecting to the land. So take some time to soak up the summer rays (with a side of sunscreen) and do some personal reflection or family connection.

1. Find a New Trail
2. Beat Your Fastest Time
3. Daily Walks

Wheels Up

Time to get those wheels spinning! No matter your skill level or instrument-of-choice, summer is the perfect time for a ride. If you love a luxurious ride in the sun, add mountain biking to your summer bucket list. You could also enter a race, or start your own challenge with family and friends!

4. Cycle in the Sun
5. Go Mountain Biking
6. ATV Offroading

High Tide

Susan Conrad enjoying life on the water

Warmer weather naturally draws us to the water. From nature to your own backyard, there are lots of fun ways to cool off this summer. Even a makeshift slip-and-slide at home makes for a wildly fun summer day! With close access to lakes or oceans, these are the top water activities we are looking forward to:

7. Try Water Skiing
8. Paddleboard at Sunset
9. Surf the Waves

Honorable Mentions

We could complete this entire list and still have even more adventures to experience! Once our triathlon of summer plans is complete, we’ll have to make time for these classics.

10. Horseback Riding
11. Camping
12. Travel

Be sure to always take the proper safety precautions on every summer adventure. Pack the sunscreen and be sure to research the regulations of the areas you may be visiting. For even more summer-fun ideas, check out some of our favorite family-friendly activities!

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