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non gmo granola bars - Kate's Real Food

Non-GMO Granola Bars | Where To Buy Them?

For many people, granola bars are a pantry staple. Not only are they convenient for on-the-go snacking, but they can also be a delicious breakfast replacement. Because they are popular, it's easy to find a wide assortment of granola bar brands and flavors. Each brand and snack bar boasts its own advantages. While some claim to have the best taste, others strive to offer more health benefits.

Though the wide variety of granola bars makes it possible for each person to find their favorite granola bar, it isn’t an easy task. Many consumers feel overwhelmed by the number of choices, especially when so many granola bar brands claim to be healthier than others. How can you tell which ones are truly the best for you?

Rest assured, you don’t have to stress over finding the best granola bars any longer. After reading this guide, you’ll learn more about the different types of granola bars and popular brands. You’ll also find more information on what makes a granola bar healthy and where you can buy them. Keep reading to find your new favorite snack bar.

Types of Granola Bars

You might be thinking that a granola bar is just a granola bar, but there are many different varieties. Some are nut-based, while others use more grains. They can also differ in their purpose. For example, there are specific products meant to be breakfast replacements, but you’ll also find many granola bars that provide a boost of energy when you need it most. 

To choose the best granola bar for you, you’ll want to consider why you want it. Do you need to add more fiber to your diet? Are you looking for a healthy snack alternative? Are you looking for a higher-carb option to support your long adventures? The following are just a few of the main granola bar categories that can help you meet your needs.

Granola Bars with Fiber

The average adult needs to consume about 25-30 grams of fiber each day. However, many of us are guilty of falling short. Though you can take dietary fiber supplements, it is best if you can get your daily amount through food. Fortunately, fiber granola bars are a great way to help you achieve your nutritional goals. 

While a standard granola bar might have 1-2 grams of fiber, you can find more than double that in fiber granola bars. Some of the most popular fiber bars have as much as 9 grams, which is more than one-third of your daily recommended intake.   

You can enjoy many benefits when you choose to supplement your diet with a high-fiber granola bar. Fiber bars are a convenient way to promote a healthy digestive system, and they can also help you manage your cholesterol and blood sugar. Best of all, they can help curb cravings and control your weight thanks to their ability to make you feel full for longer.

Protein Bars

Your average granola bar may have anywhere from 1-3 grams of protein, but there are specialty bars packed with even more. Whether you struggle to get the bare minimum of protein or need more to build muscles, protein granola bars can help you achieve your goals. 

You can find many granola bars high in protein from some of the most popular snack bar brands. The best protein granola bars typically have about 10-12 grams of protein per serving. They make for great breakfast replacements to ensure you get enough energy to start your day. These snacks are also perfect for post-workout recovery as they provide your body with the protein it needs to rebuild your muscles.

Energy Granola Bars

Do you enjoy long hikes? Are you an avid runner? In those cases, you might benefit from energy granola bars. Their recipes are designed to provide consumers with a boost of energy over a short period. This is typically accomplished by packing the bars full of good carbohydrates and calories.

More often than not, granola bar brands achieve this through a combination of oats, granola, and honey. Some may also include dried fruits to provide even more of those healthy carbohydrates. 

When you consume these bars, you provide your body with more glycogen, which is the nutrient that supplies energy to your muscles. These products are the best granola bars for runners who have burned up all of their glycogen stores in the first part of their run. These are especially beneficial for endurance runners and cyclists who need a snack that is easy to carry and eat on the go.

Non-GMO Granola Bars

You can also shop for natural granola bars, specifically non-GMO products. With many uncertainties surrounding genetically modified produce, a lot of people prefer to shop for natural products. Fortunately, several granola bar brands offer non-GMO snacks.  

Often, these products can also be organic granola bars. Any certified organic products will also be GMO-free because regulations forbid organic products from using any genetically engineered crops. That means you won’t have to worry about toxic chemicals in your food. Choosing these non-GMO granola bar varieties will give you a lot of peace of mind while still providing a tasty treat!

How to Choose Healthy Granola Bars Brands

With new granola bars emerging often, finding your new favorite can feel like an impossible task. While you could certainly start by sampling all of the granola bar brands, there may be more practical options. Instead, consider what is most important to you in choosing good granola bars.

By setting that requirement, you can narrow down your list of options. From there, you can consider other important factors. If you want to find the healthiest granola bars, you should follow the next steps to find the right snack for your diet.

Look for Non-GMO Labels

Healthy can mean something different for everyone, but in general, you want to avoid GMOs if you are trying to find healthy store-bought granola bars. Many of the most popular brands use derivatives of corn, soybean, and canola, all of which are FDA-approved GMO crops. While that doesn’t guarantee that the product contains genetically-engineered ingredients, you should avoid them. To do so, you should look for boxes that feature the Non-GMO Project Verified label. This third-party organization has vigorous verification processes for identifying non-GMO foods so that you can trust products with this label.

Seek Natural or Organic Granola Bars

All organic granola bars are considered non-GMO, but that isn’t the only reason you should choose these products. They serve as healthier alternatives to other snack bars sharing the same shelf space because they don’t contain artificial ingredients. You also shouldn’t fear exposure to harmful toxins from pesticides and fertilizers. 

Organic products might not always be accessible, however. In these cases, you can choose natural granola bars instead. They are also free of artificial flavors and colors. You’ll want to make sure they feature the non-GMO label, however. The government doesn’t have any agencies closely regulating “Natural” labels. That means that there is no guarantee that the products don’t have any genetically modified ingredients.

Pay Attention to Nutritional Value

The most important thing you can do when shopping for healthy granola bars is to look at the nutrition label. Again, you’ll want to pay attention to fiber, protein, calories, and added sugar. It’s recommended that you reach for bars that are 100-250 calories. Snacks with more calories should only be reserved for people who are less active or using the granola bar as a meal replacement. 

You should also limit added sugar to 9 grams. Less is better, however. While high-protein and high-fiber bars exist, most people only need bars with about 3 grams each. You should only consume more if you are lacking in the rest of your diet.

Where to Buy Non-GMO Granola Bars

granola bars - Kate's Real Food

If you’re committed to buying non-GMO products, you will find that your options are more limited. However, you can easily find delicious and healthy products when you know where to look for them. We recommend that you check the following places: 

Local Health Store

Do you have a health store in your neighborhood? If so, you should be able to find a few different options for non-GMO granola bar options. They typically have several products that support sports nutrition and weight management, so this would be an excellent place for you to find healthy granola bars and meal replacements. You should specifically seek out a health store that focuses on holistic and natural products.  

Natural Grocery Stores

If your local health store doesn’t have the granola bars you’re looking for, you can also try an organic or natural grocery store. These stores will typically have a wide variety of granola bar options, so you’ll be able to find natural, non-GMO, and organic products. That means you can compare more products to find one that also fits your nutritional needs.


Don’t stress if you don’t have any natural grocery or health stores in your area. Plenty of online retailers make it easy to have granola bars shipped right to your doorstep. Shopping online can make the process of choosing the perfect bars seem more overwhelming because of all the options that you will have.

Kate’s Real Food is an excellent example of a brand that makes healthy granola bars accessible. Not only can you purchase Kate’s granola bars from grocery stores like Whole Foods and HEB, but you can also buy directly from our website.

Who Makes the Best Non-GMO Granola Bars?

The jury is still out on which brand makes the best non-GMO brands, but Kate’s Real Food is definitely in the running. This is shown with our bars being offered on Delta Air Lines Flights and being featured in Runner’s World as the Best Pre-Workout Energy Bar! When you choose Kate’s granola bars, you can rest assured that you’re getting more than just a GMO-free product. Kate’s goes above and beyond to provide consumers with real food that can fuel and nourish the body the way it was intended to.   

What does that mean?

Each of the granola bars is uniquely crafted to create the ultimate healthy snack. The following are just a few of the benefits you can expect with Kate’s non-GMO bars:  

  • Great Taste: Kate’s doesn’t believe in the idea that healthy foods can’t taste good. Whether you’re snacking on a Peanut Butter Chocolate bar or eating an Oatmeal Cranberry & Almond bar for breakfast, you’ll get plenty of delicious, natural flavor. 
  • Exceptional Nutritional Value: Each serving of Kate’s granola bars includes 3 grams of protein and 2 grams of fiber. Though they taste sweet, you’ll only find 5 grams of added sugars. Not to mention, these products also have calcium, iron, and potassium for an overall healthy snack. 
  • Gluten-Free: If you’re gluten-intolerant or just prefer to avoid it, you’ll be happy to know that all of Kate’s products are gluten-free (and yes they actually taste good).
  • Organic Ingredients: All Kate’s snacks are USDA-certified organic, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your food was grown and processed with the highest quality assurance.

With these benefits, it’s so easy to see why customers continue to choose Kate’s Real Food as their favorite granola bar brand. You don’t have to take our word for it, though.

Try Kate’s Real Food Granola Bars Today

 best granola bars - Kate's Real Food

Buying non-GMO granola bars doesn’t have to be complicated. Now that you know more about what you should look for, you can make your next trip to the grocery store less stressful. You can even skip the trip altogether when you start shopping for your healthy snacks online.

Kate’s Real Food makes shopping for granola bars and snack bites easier than ever. All of the most popular granola bar flavors can be ordered directly online. You can save 20% on every order by signing up for our subscribe n' save program so you never run out of your favorite snacks. Can’t choose just one flavor to try? You can buy a variety pack full of six of the most popular flavors. We have a flavor for every palate. We’re sure that you’ll find a non-GMO bar you’ll love!