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Traveling? Try These Easy Grab-and-Go Snacks on The Go

Traveling? Try These Easy Grab-and-Go Snacks on The Go

When there's less time to sit down for a meal, it can be tempting to reach for something that’s quick, easy, and usually unhealthy. Most often these options are processed foods full of sugar or chemicals. Here at Kate’s, we’re all about eating real food and finding the best food for energy when you're on the go. 

Snacking has the most health benefits when you’re choosing healthy, whole foods, rather than your favorite bag of chips or box of cookies. Our all-time favorite traveling nutritious snacks are good for you and easy to grab. Whether you're traveling by plane, car, bike, or foot — We’ve got some great on-the-go snack recommendations to fuel your adventures and keep your energy up while you're out on the move.

Here are our favorite easy snack combos that will keep you fueled, satisfied, and full.

snacks on the go - Kate's Real Food

What are the top 10 snack foods? In Our Opinion. 

Carrots and Hummus - Veggies are packed with nutrients, so we can’t leave them off this list. Carrots are a great choice because they are easy to eat on the go and require minimal to no effort to prepare. When eaten with hummus, you’ll have a great source of vitamin C and protein. 

Almonds - Nuts and seeds are a great source of protein, healthy fats, fiber, and vitamins and minerals. Almonds specifically are packed with protein and easy to pack - just toss a few in a bag and stick ‘em in your pocket or backpack. Eating these snacks while on the go can easily help you meet your nutritional needs while traveling. 

Apples and Peanut Butter - This combination has easily earned its place as a classic, healthy diet snack. It’s the perfect mix of fiber, fat, and protein to help you feel full while tasting delicious! If you’re someone with a sensitivity to Peanut Butter or looking for the healthiest option, you can always substitute with Almond Butter. 

Beef Jerky - A great source of “crave-able” protein, which you need to keep your energy levels high throughout the day. It’s also a good way to get some iron in your diet, which helps maintain your blood health. If you’re going on an overnight trip and want to keep things light and simple, beef jerky is an easy snack you can eat on the go!

Granola Bars - Nuts, rolled oats, dried fruits, and a little bit of sweetness - what’s not to love about granola bars? If you’re looking for a sweet treat and grab-and-go snack that’s convenient and pre-portioned, these are a no-brainer. However, there are so many different types of granola bars on the market that it can be hard to figure out which ones are best for your health and travel needs. 

To find out what kind of bar is right for you, check the label before you buy it. Here are some things to look out for:

  • Make sure it’s natural and uses whole ingredients - avoid any granola or protein bars with artificial ingredients. 
  • Be wary of fat content, and aim for a bar that has around 8 grams or less per serving size. 

healthy snacks - Kate's Real Food

In addition to checking labels to make sure your energy bar is made from organic, whole ingredients, find one that tastes great! Don’t convince yourself that healthy food has to be bland and boring.

Dried Fruit - Fruit has naturally occurring sugars and is energy dense, which makes it the perfect, portable snack for any occasion. It’s easy to carry around and has a long shelf life, which means you can keep it around for months without worrying about it going bad. Plus, it’s high in healthy fiber, lower in calories, and contains vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. You can easily make your own dried fruit like apples, apricots, or dates and most of these pre-dried fruits can also be found in your local grocery store. 

Oatmeal and Berries - Fruit itself is not always a particularly filling option, which is why we recommend berries with oatmeal. The combination of the two will help you feel full longer so you won’t have to snack before lunchtime when eaten as breakfast. 

Fresh fruit contains fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants that can help you feel more energized. Fruit is an excellent choice for people with diabetes because it isn’t too high in sugar or carbohydrates, and it has plenty of fiber to slow down the absorption of sugars into the bloodstream. The key to traveling with fruit is making sure it’s packed well so it does not get crushed during travel. 

Greek Yogurt - Another great on-the-go breakfast option because it can be mixed with fruit, honey, and granola. Greek yogurt has a higher protein content than regular yogurt and provides probiotics to help keep your digestive system in good shape. It also works well as an alternative to sour cream or mayonnaise when you need a creamy texture but doesn’t have access to either product. 

Cheese - Depending on the type of cheese you choose, it can absolutely make for a great quick snack. We recommend trying a protein-rich option like cottage cheese, rather than something like cream cheese or string cheese, due to the specific fat content in each. Cottage cheese can be a great source of protein and something delicious to mix with fruit, too!

Salted Edamame - Edamame provides a plant-based protein that is delicious and generally mess-free. Just deposit the shells in a bag for an easy, portable snack. They can be enjoyed hot or cold, so it’s best to prepare before your trip and enjoy them on the go!

Water - Now, we know what you’re thinking… that’s not a snack! However, staying hydrated is key to travel, especially long plane rides. Our bodies can interpret thirst as hunger, so staying hydrated is key to interpreting those hunger signals correctly. 

If you have a long road trip, flight, or hike ahead of you this year, and don’t want to resort to fast food or unhealthy snacks - look no further.  We’ve got the perfect go-to snack for every occasion. Here’s our quick list of grab-and-go healthy snacks specific to the type of trip you’ve planned for 2023… 

For the road.

Like flying, driving can be boring — and cause hunger pangs if there aren't many options for eating along the way. Let’s talk about what snacks to take on a road trip so you don't get stuck eating fast food when you're on the road and on the go. You’ll be less tempted to grab something like a bag of chips when you stop to fill up on gas when you pack some healthy snacks to keep hunger at bay while you're traveling.

  • Beef Jerky
  • Granola Bars
  • Dried Fruit
  • Healthy Trail Mix

For the air.

If you're flying, there are several options for healthy airplane snacks that will help keep your energy up and avoid those carb-heavy chips or cookies that airlines can offer! And the great news is, you can now find Kate’s Real Food Snacks on Delta Air Lines. Here are some other ideas of healthy options to pack for your flight:

  • Carrots and Hummus
  • Dried Fruit
  • Granola/Energy Bars
  • Almonds

For the trails.

Whether it's hiking or backpacking, it's important to stay nourished while in nature and while burning calories. Here are some great options for taking along with you on your next outdoor adventure:

  • Almonds & Other Nuts
  • Granola Bars
  • Trail Mix
  • Fresh Fruit
  • Hard-Boiled Eggs

healthy travel snacks - Kate's Real Food

For a long walk or hike.

If you're going on a long hike or walk around town, depending on the duration and difficulty of your hike, you’ll want to consider different types of snacks like quick energy snacks or slow-burning energy snacks. And if you want something more substantial than just fruit and nuts, try these ideas:

  • Fresh Fruit
  • Trail Mix
  • Granola Bars

So you’re off on a trip, and you want to make sure that it’s as healthy as possible. But how? It can be hard to find the right snacks that are also portable and tasty enough to make them worth eating. And while our favorite choice is our Kate's Real Food organic energy bars, we also know it's important to have options; that’s why we created this list of our favorite grab-and-go snacks for traveling!

The most important thing to remember is, you don’t have to compromise your health when you travel. There are plenty of options for healthy, grab-and-go snacks, including our energy bars, that can help get you through the day and the adventures ahead.