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The NEW Dark Chocolate Mint Bar

The NEW Dark Chocolate Mint Bar

Kate’s Real Food is proud to announce the newest organic energy bar in our lineup: the Dark Chocolate Mint Bar! Perfect to get you through all of your adventures, this healthy dark chocolate energy bar will fill you up and take you back with its classic taste. Kate has really outdone herself this time! As always, each bar is filled with only the best USDA certified organic ingredients we could get our hands on. The Dark Chocolate Mint bar is a healthy, chocolatey treat to pack along for any season’s adventures.

The Recipe

- Let’s Talk Chocolate

This must-have flavor is packed with organic dark chocolate, cacao nibs, and cacao powder. Organic, dried bits of cacao beans and powder represent chocolate in a pure, unaltered form. Along with a delicious flavor, cacao provides a great source of fiber, iron, antioxidants, and magnesium.This superfood is created by cold-pressing cacao beans to separate and remove the cacao butter, leaving you with only the best the bean has to offer.

- Pass the Peppermint

Crisp-and-cool mint pairs perfectly with the rich dark chocolate cacao flavors. A small dose of mint goes a long way-- from a refreshing flavor to aiding digestion and providing headache relief. A few drops of organic peppermint extract are all that we need to make sure this healthy dark chocolate energy bar is in mint condition. Never sacrificing quality for taste, our real-food ingredients provide the best flavors with all the nature-made benefits.

- Butter the Base

All of the Kate’s Real Food organic energy bars and bites begin with a smooth nut butter to provide a powerful source of energy, a natural binding for the bar, and a smooth texture and taste. The new Dark Chocolate Mint bar is no exception. Organic peanut butter starts at the base of this recipe with it’s natural combination of protein, healthy fats, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. This organic bar might taste like your favorite dessert, but rest assured, it is packed with all the real-food energy you’ve come to expect from your favorite snack food bars.

- Keep it Complex

The only thing complex about our recipes is our carbohydrates. It wouldn’t be a Kate’s bar without our certified gluten-free oats and brown rice crisps. Each product is made with you in mind to provide slow-burning, sustainable energy in every bite. The new Dark Chocolate Mint bar lives up to the reputation of great quality, real energy, and unbeatable textures all with a brand new flavor to fall in love with.

- A Touch of the Tropics

Our Great Taste Guarantee isn’t the only thing setting this bar apart: Kate has added a subtle, satisfying tropical twist to this recipe to really make your taste buds spin. A touch of organic coconut perfectly balances out the new Dark Chocolate Mint bar with a juicy sweetness. The condensed coconut addition also provides you with fiber, antioxidants, and vitamins to keep you healthy and fueled for your every day.

Available NOW!

The Dark Chocolate Mint bar is available for pre-order now-- so be the first on the list to try it for yourself! Relive your first great adventure with the classic taste of Kate's organic Dark Chocolate Mint bar.