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Fall Adventure Favorites

Fall Adventure Favorites

The days are slowly getting shorter, the mornings crisper, and the air is beginning to change. While we are always sorry to say goodbye to the hot summer days, we are welcoming fall with open arms! It is time to enjoy all our favorite outdoor activities before winter rolls in. Here are a few of our absolute favorite ways to spend these fresh fall days.

Take to the Trails

The best summer morning outings are ready to be enjoyed all day. Time to take on those longer hikes, those more technical rides, and those leisurely walks without planning around the hottest part of the day. Below are our seven favorite outdoor fall activities:

Hiking: For us, fall is definitely a hike’s best friend. You stay cooler in the crisp mountain air, but the snow has not yet started to fall. Take on the hikes you’ve been longing for all summer. And there is still time to enjoy some overnight adventures-- just be sure to bring extra cozy blankets for those autumn nights.

Mountain biking: We are so ready to keep riding. As summer transitions into fall, the rides just get better and better. If you haven’t had a chance to try, now is the perfect time to get yourself on a bike and test out some trails.

Simple cycling: No one said you need mountains to enjoy a nice bicycle ride. Get out wherever you can and take in the refreshing feel of the season’s changing.

ATV’s: Time to BRAAP! The weather is perfect for enjoying a ride with friends and family on your favorite off road vehicle-- just be sure to always put safety first while you enjoy the wind on your face and the mountains at your side.

Leave it to the Leaves

There is no denying that the changing of the leaves is a huge fall favorite. Soak it all up before they all float to the ground in preparation for the winter to come.

Take a drive: Stay close to those you love while keeping a safe social distance from fellow adventurers. A quick (or long) weekend drive through the mountains or hills is a great way to take in all the beautiful colors of autumn.

Plan a picnic: Set yourself up in a nice spot along the fallen leaves to enjoy a lunch with family. Listen close to hear the breeze through the trees while still soaking up the sun on your face.

Go apple or pumpkin picking: Take yourself on a fun, fall adventure to an orchard or pumpkin patch to really start feeling the season.

Adventure at Home

Adventures come in all shapes and sizes. There is nothing wrong with enjoying a cozy day at home to take it all in.

Read a new book: Cozy up with hot coffee and a great book. Get yourself a nice comfy seat and take some time to get lost in a new story.

Baking: Enjoy food from your garden and try out a new recipe! Take the time to experiment, try new foods, and find your new favorite meal.

Touch football: Get the whole family outside--even just out in the yard--to enjoy a fall-friendly game of football!

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